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  1. Plans A, B, C and even D

    plan ABSN!! since you have your first degree might as well grab the opportunity for an accelerated program.
  2. I don't want night shifts

    doesn't matter as long as i love what i do, i will work whatever time they want me to :)
  3. To gain experience

    you could volunteer to any local community hospital near you or try shadowing a physician or nurse. but if you want to get paid get a CNA certificate.
  4. How does one know if nursing is the right career?tips?

    get a CNA certificate, work as a CNA while getting some Gen Ed, classes and if you feel like you have the heart and the passion to help and serve people in medical kind of way, then try taking some prereqs for you to get into a nursing program, like ...
  5. Nurses i need your help

    start with any local community college in your area, finish your prerequisites and apply for a nursing program in either a state university/college or the same community college you finished your prereqs, speak with your counselor so that you could p...
  6. Patient and hopeful, please help!

    why not try applying to different schools, i bet there are tons of school near you.if you really like nursing try different schools, best thing is to apply to like 8-12 different schools to raise your chances on getting accepted.
  7. since you dont have any college college experience what i could advice you is start getting your prerequisites a a local community college near you, that would be more inexpensive than jumping to a profit 4 year school (60k is not that expensive if y...
  8. Just recieved my acceptance letter from Pima Community College!

    CONGRATULATIONS to you!! :) but 2016?? seriously?? im gonna die waiting for that long.. well anyways have you tried applying to different CC near your area that has no waitlist?? cause 4 years seems to long.
  9. Southern California nursing programs?? (ADN)

    dont thank me thank Gizelle22 she help me find this :)
  10. Southern California nursing programs?? (ADN)

    Cypress College ADN program, is based on 75% on the rank order list and 25% for the chronological wait list, as far as i know for the rank order list you have to have 29-30 points to be competitive, you could check here for more info you could check...
  11. well as for me i would say go for it, if you have the heart and the passion to love what you are doing as a nurse you're not gonna regret taking the risk for a career change. as far as building a family well i don't have any idea but good for you, so...
  12. Grooming for male pre-nursing students

    SWEET!! thanks maybe i should not worry anyways. btw i have my hair a 5 inches below my shoulder blade.
  13. Pre-Nursing student. CNA job offer on ICU unit-HELP!

    i say go for it, not all CNA are given an opportunity to work in the ICU dept.
  14. Don't know if this is legit...

    im no expert on landing a job, cause i just landed my current job with pure luck and network LOL but one thing is for sure why pay for your own background check?? i think that is 100% scam right through the neck!!
  15. Grooming for male pre-nursing students

    Hi I'm a male still taking my prerequisites for nursing school but my question is, are you allowed to grow your hair long in a nursing school/program?? cause I've been growing my hair for 3 years now, i would want to keep it but i just want to know i...