Looking into CNA


So, my plan is to become an RN in the future, but right now I am looking into becoming a CNA.

What exactly does a CNA do?

Are you always with an RN?

Is it rewarding?

I am looking into a program that is 7-weeks long, does that seem normal?

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Hi. I do not know how long a general CNA program runs for because each is different.

Most likely a CNA works under a RN or a LPN and it is very rewarding for many reasons. A CNA takes care of patients. You assist the patient in activities of daily living (baths, showers, brushing teeth, toileting, feeding, etc). If you love taking care of others, you will love being a CNA. You are sometimes the eyes for the RN because you are with the patient more times than not. You can also assist the RN with procedures and things, especially if they know you are interested in becoming a RN.

For me, I think being a CNA was very helpful for when I started in the RN program. You already knew how to take care of patients and felt comfortable with patients. And another bonus is that when you do graduate from the RN program you can possibly work in the same hospital or unit you worked as a CNA.

Hope I helped.


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Becoming a CNA is very rewarding if you're looking to become a RN or advance from that branch. I'm not certified yet but I will be at the end of June (fingers crossed!!). The program I'm in now is 7 or 8 weeks long, twice a week with lectures and towards the end of the program we go 4 days a week for clinicals. A CNA does exactly what the post above me says. We assist in caring for patients and are the main helpers for the RNs. Personally I would like to become a PCT rather then CNA because you can draw blood and be certified in EKGs. I'm still looking into that but I know PCTs and CNAs do te same basic care except for the phlebotomy and EKG courses.


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CNA classes really can range all over the board in how long classes are, it all depends on who you go with to take the classes. 7 weeks is pretty normal though. I believe mine was 6 to 7 weeks long. I work as a Home Health CNA, so I do not work with an RN, but if I notice anything different in my clients condition, or if they have a fall, I have to talk to the RN right away. So in a way we are working under an RN, but they just are not with us. I find it very rewarding to be able to help people be healthy and safe, and to be able to help them with the things that they need and still be able to stay at their houses where they are comfortable.


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There are several programs of varying durations from which you can choose according to your suitability. Doing a certification in nursing assistant will be beneficial as there are increasing prospects to it, as a career.

The jobs of CNA include mainly of care and assistance of the patients. It also includes assisting them with the activities of daily living such as feeding, grooming, checking vital signs, bathing assisting nurses with medical equipments. They are also an effective means of communication between the doctors and the patients. They are expected to communicate all the time with the patients and monitor their progress towards the treatment.