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Want to find an assessment sheet for my practice. I am a telemetry/acute care step down staff nurse. we have 5 pts. a shift---am new grad too and am seeking a concise sheet to use at work. Where can I find one? Anyone?

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Welcome to allnurses.com! I moved your post to the Cardiac Forum where you will get more responses.

Good luck, and enjoy the site!

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I am in need of the same thing. I will probably end up making my own though. I would like some suggestions about things to include such as a special place for drips, procedures, and any other pertinent info relevent to the floor.

So what kind of things do you all include on your "brains" to help you keep organized? Also I was wondering what kind of PDA programs do you all find helpful on a cardiac floor?


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I have my 'brains' for anyone that is interested PM me. They were developed from a cardiac nurses 'brains' and made to fit my needs. Hours can easily be changed to fit your needs.

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Here's a link to the assessment sheet I used as an extern over the Summer.


I found that a single sheet for each pt gave me plenty of room for notes and when placed in a thin binder, was easier to manage than a multi-pt single sheet on a clipboard. YMMV.


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I've got one that's pretty free-form, easy to just fill in the necessary stuff. If nothing more it is a prompt to jog my memory. PM me if you're interested.