how long do u have to wait to do trick?


I am testing today at 2 for NCLEX RN and was wondering how long you should wait before doing the Pearson vue trick? Can u do it right when u get done? I'm nervous that if I do it to early it will mess with it or my results won't be accurate? Has it ever changed from good pop up to bad?


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I tested at 2 pm on a monday, I did the trick at 5pm. It does work!

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As long as it says under status "delivery successful" you can do the trick. Usually takes as little as 5 minutes and as much as a couple hours to show "delivery successful." The popup generally doesn't change. The only popup that will change is the "Results on hold" popup."

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I did the trick in the parking lot of the testing facility. The first time I said delivery pending or something but i tried it the good pop up. I drove home and checked (delivery successful this time) and still...good pop up.


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I took my NCLEX today. Immediately after, I tried to re-register on Pearsonvue. It didn't let me register, and the "good pop-up" showed up. I did this about 4 times within an hour after that and still got the pop-up. 4 hours later, it no longer showed up, and it led me to the payment section. Have you heard of this happening to anyone? Does this mean I failed?


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i accidentally checked before the delivery successful showed up. i checked 15 min after i tested, and i didn't know about the rule. i got the good pop up? and 10 hours later it hasn't changed. is it possible that i really failed and it never changed to the credit card screen? you said something about the pop up doesn't change usually. so i don't know what to think. is that a good thing or bad for me? please help. i'm super stressed.