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LoneStar-- Kingwood ADN program ranking criteria


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I'm so glad I found this thread-I am not quite as far along as most of you in this process, but I am also going to Kingwood for their nursing program (I hope!). The only pre-req's I have left at A&P II and Micro. I'm planning to take both at Kingwood college. Does anyone know anything about William Clark for A&P II? Who is the best professor to take at Kingwood? I did the first part at North Harris with Susan Allen...she is really challenging, but a GREAT professor. I really enjoyed her class. And any suggestions for Micro....who to take? I am pregnant right now, so it will be a while before I actually apply....but I'd like to get all the pre-req's out of the way, then stay home with my new baby for about 6 months before I apply. (I'm due Christmas day of 09). I want those 6 months to be uninterrupted by classes, so I hope to finish before I have it! I'm taking A&P II as a summer II course, and Micro in the fall.

Thanks, any info is much appreciated! And good luck to all of you who are already ready to begin the application process! :yeah:

Dr. Clark is the best professor I have had my whole college life. He is an OB/GYN so he teaches on the clinical side of the anatomy and physiology. which is great seeing that everyone that take his class is going into some health profession. I just finished his class this spring with a 101 as the final grade. He goes over the material in such detail, but in such a way that you dont get bored. Absolutely awesome!!!!

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