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Logic in Suzanne's Plan??

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So I'm planning to use Suazanne's Plan to study for the NCLEX-RN - I bought the Saunders 4th edition book and began looking through it. I read Suzanne's First Tip (it's posted, so not in violation of her policies) is to do all the practice tests at the end of each chapter, if you get a 75%, go on to the next one, if you don't get a 75%, read the chapter and redo the test and you should get a 90%.

I guess my question is that if you do the same practice test for a second time, even if you don't read the chapter, shouldn't you, by just KNOWING what you missed the first time and knowing/remembering the correct answer, get a better score the second time????

So I'm not sure why she recommends doing it this way. Can anyone - Maybe Suzanne - please explain this to me.

Thank you!

the logic, i think, is not in knowing, but in absorbing the correct answers and the strategies behind coming up with the right answer.

You dont need to read the rationales one's you get below 75% but instead go back to the chapter and read everything then redo the practice question.The test is just to see whether you still have the knowledge of that particular topic.

If you have questions with anything having to do with my program, I request that you send them to me via pm, and not post them here.

There is no reason to go thru the practice questions a second time as the first tip is only a review and it not my program, it just gets you ready for it. Nothing more than that.

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