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Hi, I'm new here! Let me explain my situation a little... I quit my factory job after 15 years to peruse my nursing dream:) I was excepted into the lpn program that starts in the fall. Well since I have been at my factory job since out of high school, I decided to quit a few months early to get a job at a nursing home for experience and mbe supplement my income while in school. So with me being at my last job for so long and being excepted in a lpn program I fig I wouldn't have any trouble getting a nurse aid or home health aid job. Plus I was wanting fri-Sunday's(hours no one wants). Well after putting in over 15 applications and a month going by without a single call, I finally got a job offer:) it was thurs-Sunday working mid nights at a assistant living home(after a month they will certify me to pass meds and give shots(a 16 hr course). It sounded great until they told me I would only be making 7.50 an hr. No raise even after I'm a med aid:( so even though It pays horrible I took it. Well iv been there 3 weeks and absolutely hate mid nights!!! The job isn't bad but mid nights are just putting a huge damper on my sleep, my moods and family life... Plus I'm only making 7.50. Well unless something else comes up that's better I'm looking for a loan that will help out with my living expenses. Since I did have a good paying job I dont qualify for grants or anything! So iv maxed my subsidized and unsubsidized loans out for schooling cost. My husband does make ok money, but not quite enough for cost of living(gas,groceries..ect) so I'm looking for a loan that won't require me to pay back until I'm out of school. I didn't quit my 18.00 and hr job to flunk out of nursing school for a crappy 7.50 hr job. If there is a loan like what I'm looking for I would gladly do it. So this way I can focus on school full time and still be able to manage my homelife! Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)

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Oh wow, I wish I had advice but I'm not sure I do. If you have maxed out your loans, you may have to just REALLY try to stretch your income out until you can fill out a new FAFSA for next year, which will show that you made a significantly reduced income this year.

Is there any chance of continuing to look for another home health/long-term facility position? I know in my area they don't pay great but it's definitely more than minimum. And once you are certified to pass meds I think that would at least make you more marketable.

I'm sorry I don't have a lot more advice but congrats on getting in to your program and good luck!!

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The school only will allow you to borrow up to the cost of attendance. Living expenses, transportation, and food are incorporated into the figure. If you maxed out your federal loans, the only option left is a private loan. PNC has a great product for healthcare students.

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I am not sure what part of the country you are in, but in my area $7.50 would be pretty typical for a nurse aid pay. My advice would be, that you may want to research the field a little more before you proceed into nursing school. Since the pay for aids is pretty close to what it is here, I am guessing the LPN pay will probably also be in the same neighborhood. If so, you still probably won't be making $18.00/hr even when you graduate. Also, around here, most new nurses start out on night shift as the day shifts are filled with people with more time. In my unit there are people who have been here for 7 and 8 years that are still on nights.

Good luck.

Yeah I realize I will be taking a pay cut even after I finish nursing school. I was just at a job I absolute disliked. It has great benefits and after 15 years I was making decent money. But when u dread going to your job every day... It's time for a change! Nursing is the only thing Iv wanted to do... Even after I graduate I don't mind doing night shift for awhile(being new ill have to start at bottom, but hopefully for more than 7.50). I'm just saying for now, while going to school there is Noway I am going to flunk out of school for a 7.50 an hr job because I'm so exhausted from trying to get back on my sleep schedule'. I prob will look into a private loan, I would rather pay back a payment for a few years rather than not finish school.

Can you get a part time job that is outside of healthcare? Yes, the experience will help you get a job; however, you will need to keep our grades up if you want to become an RN some day. Would it be possible for you to take an EMT-B course or a phlebotomy course? I believe the pay is better. If not, maybe try another part time job. I've found I always make the most money with fewest hours is waiting tables or bartending at a restaurant.

Good luck to you!!

You probably already know that you should have done your research on average CNA pay, as well as applied for and recieved a job before quitting the one you were at.

I would recommened cutting back on costs first before taking a private loan. Don't expect that you can go to school and try to live the high life and pay for it with student loans, because student loans can make your life difficult after you graduate if you rack up a bill that is too high for your LPN salary to reasonable pay off.

I maxed out my loans as well, but by cutting back on my monthly expenses, I am able to live well enough on them alone, without adding in private loans. I am saving those because I may need those for ANP school.

Wowww nurse aides only make $7.50 an hour? I made more than that working at a daycare with no degree or certifications, nurse aides make $10-$14 bucks in a nursing home and don't give out meds and $16-$21 bucks an hour at a hospital.

The only thing I could tell you is to keep putting in applications in at other places I am sure you could make more money than that after being certified. Also stretch out your loan money as much as you can and save up as much money as you can. See if there are any public assistance programs to help with food, transportation, etc. Good Luck

I am planning on putting in more applications! I'm just kinda doing my research on loans just incase I don't find a job that works with my schooling. I have sum money saved up before I quit my last job... Not enough for the whole year and as far as cutting cost, have done that with almost everything.(when u have a house payment, 2 car payment and utilities, there's not much more you can cut) I don't qualify for any kind of assistance, husband makes too much(well apparently not enough). Things will be okay, if there's a will... There is always away:) just mainly have to focus on getting through this year! I don't plan on doing the private loan unless I have to, but want to c what options are out there. Thanks for all the advice and hopefully a dif weekend job opens up!

Some schools have emergency loans for this type of thing and some banks give private loans for things like this too. Keep applying around, getting a job a second time is much easier than the first time.

You really, really should try to not take any student loans at all and if you do, keep them as small as possible. Student loan debt is the largest form of indebtedness in the country, nearly $1 trillion. This is larger than all credit card debt and mortgage debt. The worst part about student loans is that, like cancer celss, they are immortal. What this means is that bankruptcy does not apply to student loans and you can never, for any reason, under any circumstances, not pay back your loan in full, including all penalties and interest. It is actually becoming common for people to work for 20 years and hit retirement age still owing money on their student loans. I can't imagine collecting social security and still paying off a student loan, but it's happening more and more.

By the way, uncertified aides in my area make in the sub $10/hr range, CNA's a bit more. The real killer is that even jobs for aides or patient care techs now require 1 - 2 years experience. Quite frankly, the only plus to working as an aide while you are in nursing school is that it may give you a leg up on a nursing job when you graduate. You may be better off with the factory job and finding an evening/weekend nursing program. But no matter what, try not to borrow money!

Chuckster, trust me, if those of us who have student loans *could* get by without them we WOULD. Unfortunately, lots of people don't have that kind of disposable income to pay for school. Hence, the $1 trillion debt as you described. But thanks for the advice.

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