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I know you said the info you submitted to FAFSA negated the possibility of grants, but you could possibly change that info. Talk to your financial aid office. Sometimes (for example, if your income is drastically different than what was on last years taxes, the amount that goes on your FAFSA), you can get an exception for income change where they will go by what you make now, as opposed to what you made last year. I'm not sure how it works, but it's worth checking into if you could get a grant or two! Good luck!


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Can I ask you what part of the country you are located in? Because 7.50 an hour (min. wage) is off the mark for a nurse aide. Where I live, in MI, CNA's make $11 an hour or more. And more in hospitals. I think a lot of the reason why you were offered such low pay may be because you are not certified as a nurse aide. Trust me, it makes a difference. You may be certified to pass meds and give shots, but that isn't the same as having a nurse aide certification. And in assisted living, they can darn near pay whatever they want because they are not monitored by state health departments. Getting that certification will allow you to work in long term care facilities and hospitals that are state regulated and have to pay certain amounts because they required skilled services from licensed and certified personnel. Also, as an LPN, you will probably make just as much, if not more money, as you were making at your factory job. In MI, LPN salary ranges between 40,000-42,000 a year or more depending on experience. I think you should do a little more research. Don't sell yourself too short you know? And you have a family to support so I know it's important to you to be able to sustain while in school. And you owe it to yourself to not have to stress to hard about taking care of your family while you're in school so make sure you're finding the absolute best job you can right now. Also, in some LPN programs, once a fundamentals of nursing course is completing, that makes you eligible to take your certification test. Research, research, research!!! And good luck!!! :hug:


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If you have already maxed out your subsidized and unsubsidized loans, there isn't much you can do there. When they are gone, they are gone. Are you are your lifetime max or just your yearly?

If you absolutely cannot get by, I would consider getting a personal loan from the bank. Before you do, create a budget and borrow ONLY what you need to get by. Then when you are out of school, pay it off as quickly as you can! You can usually borrow against life insurance for educational costs. That might be another option to consider.

The bad thing about loans, they have to be paid back AND they cost interest. That said, if you need to get one to survive, then do so.

Thank you everyone for the great advice! I think I am just going to keep working at the crappy place I'm working until something better comes along. They are willing to work with my school schedule! But I am also going to hopefully challenge the board for my cna after I complete that portion in Lpn school... So Mbe if that works out I will have more options for better paying jobs? As far as redoing my finacial aid info, my finacial aid case worker said that even though I'm not making nearly what I was making they have to go by my previous years w-2:( but if I was to hold off a year to do my schooling then I would more than likely get a lot more help. I have thought about that option! But in all honesty it has taken me 17 years to go through with this decision to go back to school. It's only a 12 month course and the place I got into is very competitive. They only take 32 applicants a year, there was well over 100 that tested with me! So there is Noway I'm backing down now.

So I will cont doing my research on getting certified for cna during my Lpn schooling... And use the personal loans as a last resort.

Thank you everyone, even for the blunt,almost criticizing advice! I actually did appreciate it. Invert thankful I found this site!!! I think it will be useful for this up incoming year from hell!

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