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Linfield University Fall 2021


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Hi, everyone.

I am currently applying to the Pre-Licensure BSN program at Linfield as a transfer student, and am hoping to get a sense of where I may stand as an applicant. My college GPA is a 3.56, and my nursing prereq GPA is 3.50 for Linfield. What is really dragging my nursing GPA down is Chem101, which I am retaking Spring2021. I also have about 300 clinical hours as a CNA, and am also double majoring in Spanish. 

If anyone has applied/attends Linfield, would you mind sharing your stats upon applying to the program and if you were accepted? I was also wondering if anyone knows if Linfield will still calculate the old Chem101 grade in my nursing prereq GPA as the retake would be in progress.

Thank you so much!

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Hello! A 3.5 GPA in amazing, especially for nursing pre-recaps.  I graduated from Linfield Spring of 2019 so I am not sure how applicable the GPA they required then is today. But the minimal GPA was a 3.0 in nursing pre-req classes. Those are your Chemistry/Bio, Microbiology, Stats, Anatomy and physiology and nutrition. They have a nursing GPA calculator on their website to help you figure that out. Back when I went there, I don’t know if it’s the same now, but it was very competitive to get in the program as a transfer student because they take all of their student first but if they have space available or someone drops out then they take a couple transfers. I think I had maybe 5-8 (maybe more?) transfers in my class. But it looks really good that you have CNA experience, that’s not only going to benefit you in applying to a nursing program but also in your future career as a nurse! 

To answer your question, no they do not count the previous grade you had in Chemistry before you repeat it. I know tons of nurses who went into the program after repeating a couple of courses. Some of them did amazing  in nursing school and some of them struggled and ended up not completing the program, it depends on your work ethic and honestly your ability to do self care and focus on your mental health because nursing school is very challenging! Double majoring though in Spanish is going to benefit you so much as a nurse and it’s something I wish I would have done! 

here are the GPA calculator and requirement Links:



here is the credit transfer links 



if you have any questions about the program or anything feel free to private message me! I’m happy to answer any questions 🙂


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Thank you so much for letting me know! I will definitely reach out to you if I have any more questions along the way☺️

Hi there! I was recently admitted for Linfield's Spring 2021 cohort. (I was waitlisted, among the top 5 on the waitlist)

I always check in on these forums, because only a few months ago I was in your position- and I was dying to know where I stood. My nursing preq GPA was almost a 3.8 (3.79), my science pre req GPA was a 3.5, and my Anatomy and Physiology GPA was a 3.9. The reason I split them into groups is because they weigh their decisions based on varying priority for certain grouped GPAs (I.e. anatomy and physiology GPA) it was my impression- and I believe it may say this somewhere in their FAQ online that they prioritize your GPAs in this order: A&P,  Science, Cumulative (Nursing). Also, I had just finished my clinicals for my CNA license and had a few hours from different kinds of internship programs. Your CNA experience will definitely work in your favor. 

I think the first commenter mentioned that they only let a few students who are transfer students based on the term- Fall. That's when most pre Nursing students from Linfield begin the program which subsequently makes it really difficult for transfer students to be be admitted. Spring is the recommended cohort for transfer students to try for. I wish you luck and hope this helps!!


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This is very helpful, thank you so much for sharing! I plan on submitting my app early January when I have even more clinical hours, then it will be that infamous waiting game until April to see about acceptance. 


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Hey there! Anyone know when the Spring cohort for 2022 starts (for transfer students applying to ABSN)? Also, is February 1 the absolute deadline for both fall 2021 & Spring 2022? Thanks in advance!


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Hi! I just submitted my application for fall but keep getting emails saying that they might not have spots for transfer students this year. Has anyone else gotten these emails?


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10 hours ago, cbourqui said:

Hi! I just submitted my application for fall but keep getting emails saying that they might not have spots for transfer students this year. Has anyone else gotten these emails?

Yes, I have also gotten these emails. I attended one of the information sessions where they discussed this, and they strongly encouraged applying for either a Spring start date or applying to the accelerated Summer program if you are able if you are a transfer student due to the very few (if any) available spots for transfer students. At the session, they said if any transfer students were to get in, they would be placed on a waitlist behind other current Linfield students for Fall 2021. This is definitely some tough news, but I am at least glad they let us know of the situation.

I just got accepted to Linfield's Spring 2021 cohort from a waitlist and it starts in February! If you ever end up on the waitlist, there's a chance. I was a transfer student from California and was told I was on the top of the waitlist but waited 2-3 months on the waitlist for admission. It was hard but has paid off. 

My pre-nursing GPA is 3.86 and my Science GPA is 3.55. I have ZERO healthcare hours, I've been a server my entire adult life. 

Your GPA is great and you have healthcare experience, go into it with confidence! Let us know how it goes and we will check in!


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Thank you so much! Just submitted my application yesterday and now I get to wait until April to hear the news (not at all stressful haha). Will be sure to keep you posted once I hear anything!

Does anyone know when decisions are coming out? Their website says today but the email I got after submitting says may.