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Can any one recommend some colleges that has a distance learning program for an LPN to RN?

Thank you

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I know about Excelsior and but I'd love to hear of more!


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take the pass on excelsior,the clinical is $2200,and,and you have to be perfect at everything.


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yup. excelsior is awful. I failed twice.


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Excelsior is a good program, but you have to be responsible and motivated. The price is reasonable and yes the clinical is stressful but it is skills that you should know as an RN. You can download their nursing catalog from their website - everything is spelled out - costs, courses, clinical etc. I've passed all the exams and I'm taking the CPNE in May - My supervisor is an EC grad and 2 of my coworkers - they all passed the clinical on the first try without any problems. As with any program, you'll have people who think it is the worst - but that's only an opinion. EC has received 'excellence' awards from the NLN and has graduated over 40,000 RNs. Their NCLEX pass rate is better than our local college. Just sayin.


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There are several online that I researched before starting with Excelsior. I checked Indiana State, Excelsior, and Western Govenor's. ISU and are LPN to BSN. ISU is contracted with The College Network which is another reason I did not go with them. The College Network, Rue, Chancellor's, Achieve Test prep are all overpriced study guide publishers, they aren't schools so avoid them and talk directly to the college. I chose EC due to price and format, the exams are not easy but I didn't expect them to be. As I am paying out of pocket, I thought I would get my ASN, work for a year to recoup and then go for my BSN. If I stay with EC for my BSN I won't need to retake my sciences. Before enrolling you can do several CLEP, DSST, or Uxcel exams to get your pre-reqs done. You should be able to get info from different schools and compare costs and curriculum and it will give you an idea of what classes you will need and how much time and cost.

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