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Like a scene from 'MASH'...


(If ur old enough to have watched even the reruns?!!). :)

Our ER is just being slammed at the moment. Crazy volume and some patients are actually 'sick' and unwell! We have a nurse:pt ratio of 1:5 for the cardiac/tele patients and 1:6 for acutes. In our observation/stable waiting for results/ct etc it's 1:7. We have 34 beds incl 4 resus bays. With 12-14 RNs. (2 -3 RNs) in the waiting room area. No techs. we do EKG, blood, lines, etc. it's just not working at the moment. We are short staffed and morale is low. (Mostly a vent post sorry)

My question is do 'you' the nurse physically transfer and push patients out of ur ER?

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If you are slammed...you probably shouldn't be posting from your phone....;).

I think it is a waste of resources to have ALL RN transport. The only patients had delivered by the staff should be ICU patients and patients on monitors/drips.

We're experiencing a similar surge in patient volume, and many of them are truly sick. We also do our own transports since at the moment we don't have techs. The Med/Surg nurses are usually slammed also, so they don't have the time to come get their patient, and they often only have one CNA, who they cannot spare to come get a patient. We are a small hospital so we don't have transport orderlies or anything of the sort. It does not serve the patients well at all, but administration is slow to respond to our concerns. Our morale is pretty low at the moment as well. A job I once loved is turning into a burden, and I'm not sure how much longer I can hang in there.

Exactly stargazer. We have text msg everyday offering overtime to try to obtain enough cover. A bit frustrating when your already scheduled for work! Mahaha

It just feels so unsafe at times. We are also experiencing huge turnover and are currently trying to get 25 new staff up to scratch... Poor staff mix. To many inexperienced. Crossing my fingers seems to be the backup plan!

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Our volumes and acuity are up right now too. Neverending!!

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We had a slow period over the summer, but are now way up... Gotta love the ER! :)


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From 3p on we are packed to the rafters.

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ICU/tele pts and any med surge o has meds or blood running, which is most of them. Usually were just so thrilled they got a bed after boarding with us for a day. We don't mind taking them up. In an ideal world, there'd be a better system....