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lifting pt's while pregnant

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:twocents: I wrote earlier about being 5-6 weeks pregnant. Well, I was wondering if anyone knew if lifting pt's is a big deal while your pregnant. Like I said, I work in a convent, a couple of the nuns are pretty heave, and require a two person lift. Well i noticed that one of the CNA's whom I help when asked, did not ask for my help with these sisters. When I asked her why, she said that she didn't want me to get hurt. Do I have to worry about hurting my baby by helping to transfer someone from w/c to commode?

Well, I'm still in school, but am 18 weeks pregnant. My midwife has me on restrictions to only lift 25lbs, so it limits the weight of pts I can move. My instructors are so anal about it, and most of the time wont even let me move pts when they need moved in bed. If I do move, I have lots of help. But, as far as assisting from w/c to br, I think you should be ok. I do this all the time, by myself, unless its a very obese pt who requires more help transferring.....my suggestion would do only what you are comfortable with, and if others want to help, let them. If anyone else has other thoughts, I'd like to hear them also!

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As long as you use good body mechanics while transferring and moving patients, there shouldn't be a problem.

As long as you use good body mechanics while transferring and moving patients, there shouldn't be a problem.

Well the facility I work at is not run by the state. It is private, and I'm pretty much working at the sisters home. so what they say goes. One is over 200lbs, and is very little assist when moving, the other has MS and also no help. They get frustrated when a lift is used. I just don't want to hurt my baby.

My OB said it would be OK to move pts while in early pregnancy, but later on, the progesterone and relaxin's effects on your muscles/ligaments will make it a little easier for you to injure yourself. Like the other posters said, make sure you always use good body mechanics!

I was a CNA when I was pregnant with my first dgtr and my MD said to continue doing as I done before. I lifted my whole pregnancy and didn't have any problems :) As posted previously just as long as you use proper body mechanics everything will be fine :)

I was working midnights on a nhcu while pregnant with my first child. My doc also said to continue as before and remember my body mechanics. It required a lot of lifting as we got everyone up for breakfast. I didn't have any problems, 5 hours of labor from start to finish. Child #2 however was a diferent story, I was on bedrest for most of pregnancy and ended up being induced and 36 hours of labor. I think staying active as possible really helped. You need to be careful and weigh every situation as it comes and use common sense.:)

You should be very happy that people are watching out for you. When I was pregnant with my daughter I helped lift a patient to a standing position (with proper body mechanics mind you) and I nearly miscarried at 14 weeks. From then on I had times of bedrest due to bleeding. DO NOT LIFT while you are pregnant. Although some people never have problems, your child is not something you want to take a chance with. It is always better safe than sorry!! Don't let anyone tell you any different, if you don't feel comfortable doing it, don't do it. :angryfire

Oh yeah, congratulations on your pregnancy :balloons: :balloons: !!!


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Transfers "are pretty much what they say". I think you need consult your states workers compensation and labour pratices.

Everywhere I've worked, if patients are that heavy or a two person transfer the lift is the safest option for them and you. Through out your back and there isn't a lot of coverage for you, hurt the sister when transferring and it'll come back and bite you in the u know what.

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