when does your license expire?

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So far i just have my temp Tx license. I'm moving from Indiana. I was curious when your license need to be renewed/expire? In Indiana its every other October...odd years. So OCT 09 I will have to pay 50 bucks again and have it renewed for 2 years. Just curious when Texas is? It was 200 for that one...so hoping i dont have to shell out 250 total in oct. I am going to keep my indiana one.

I'm also curious about other states.. Do they expire whenever or are they very calculated. I think it stinks that getting an Indiana license in June is only good for 5 months before I have to renew it.

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Check the Board of Nursing website in your state.


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My wife's license will expire on June 30th, 2010 and the expiration is every June 30th of an even numbered year in Pa.

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Depends on your state. You have to check with each Board of Nursing. I have one that expired on my birthday every year and one that is good for a couple of years at a time. Read the fine print and talk to the source, the BON

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I am licensed in 3 different states. The expiration month in 2 of these states always corresponds with the birth month of the licensee. For example, I was born in February. My Texas license expires at the end of February, and my California license expires in March.

In addition, the year of expiration usually corresponds with the birth year of the licensee. People who were born during even-numbered years (1950, 1980, 1972, etc.) will see their licenses expire during even-numbered years (2010, 2012, 2014, etc.). I was born in the odd-numbered year of 1981, so my license must be renewed every 2 years in 2011, 2013, 2015, etc.

By the way, I have been paying $57 to renew my Texas license. The renewal fee has not come close to $200 for any state where I've been licensed. I believe the $200 fee might have been for your licensure endorsement package to Texas.


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Mine expires on Halloween on even years, Oct 31. I was born in 1952 but my birthday is in Sept. I have never been able to figure it out.


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I've looked all over on the BON website for Texas but I dont see it anywhere. So you think the $200 was only for endorsement package? that would be great! I was not looking forward to paying that every two years. I thought maybe it was because it had so many compact states.

See, in Indiana it has nothing to do with your birthday. Its every other OCT no matter what. I think that has some advanatages. Hospitals only have to check it once a every two years to see if youre expired. But on the other hand even if you get your license in Sept you will have to renew it in Oct.


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So, right now I have my Temp Tx license and it will expire in Oct. I was born in July. I only have one step left to get my Perm. license. If I get it now will it still expire in July. I would hope not.

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From what I found on the tx BON site

Initial application feee with Temp license $200

Timely Renewal $65

Late Renewal $125

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