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I would like to hear from any pre-nursing students over 40. How are you doing? Kids? Do you work? Taking day or night classes? Major challenges? Advice to navigate school and still provide for your family...

I have 2 kids. They are semi grown (18 & 21). I don't work during school. I work during the summer and save money to be off during the semester. I have elderly parents, my dad just passed a couple of months ago. I don't know how i do it but I manage the madness some how!

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Me, me, me! ?! Just turned 43 last month, work part time nights on L&D as an OB Scrub Tech, have 3 boys, 4 in you include my hubby, and after 2 long years of pre-reqs, I'll be starting the nursing program this Monday. I will commute 1.5 hours 4 days a week. December 2015 I should be done! You CAN do this!

Hi! I'm 44 and just finished my 2nd year of prereqs. I have been able to go to class on Saturday mornings, some evenings, whatever works to get the classes I want. So far I have been able to be home for my son before and after school with that schedule. So that's been great. The most challenging really is getting yourself a quiet area to study where you will have few distractions. I was able to turn a room in our basement into a study. My hubby is extremely supportive. Which makes all the difference. He makes dinner when needed, cleans a little bit, and even helped me with my math homework. So far so good! I wish you tons of luck!

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I'm 45. I have a (soon-to-be) 22 y/o step daughter and a 15 y/o son. Luckily, they're at an age where they're pretty much self sufficient (except when dinner mysteriously rolls around). I take classes during the day in the full-time program. Major challenge for me has been handling all the other family issues going on while I'm in school. We have a family member who lives with us who has been very ill since June last year, requiring a lot of care. We've been back & forth to the hospital countless times. The only good thing to come out of it is that it's like having a living case study at home. I've learn so much (pulmonary embolism, seizures, orthostatic hypotension, acute confusion, dehydration, etc.)

I consider myself lucky in the fact that I am not working while going to school. Our program highly discourages it if you're in the full-time program. We decided to tighten the budget and live on one salary for a while. It was tough at first, but we're making due with we've got. It'll be worth it in the end :)

At first, it was strange being one of the oldest students in class, but that quickly goes away. I love my fellow students (even though I'm old enough to be their Mom!) and I'm glad I've been able to get to know them. We have a wonderful cohort!

Best of luck to you as you start your journey!!! :D

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Started my pre reqs at age 47, I am 50 now and just finished first year of RN program. Kids are grown, but we kind of swap that responsibility out for our elderly parents, and I am the one (of my siblings) who they lean on, so..... There's lots of us on here that don't fit into your typical college student mold! And we totally rock.:woot:

All great posts. I'm hoping to maintain a job through this journey so I'm eyeballing the LPN to RN path. The local college has a nights and weekends program. However, there is a nights and weekends RN class in a neighboring state. I have one Pre-Req left and that's A&P2. Actually looking foreword to it because A&P1 was fun.

52 here, got a full time job at a hospital and going to school full time. I'm kinda mad at myself, cause I started out Billing and Coding, I decided to finish that program before I complete my pre-reqs. I didn't want to be a quitter. So I'm behind in everything, BUT this summer I'm taking 2 bio classes with their labs and chem with lab. One bio course and lab are required for nursing courses in Colorado cause I plan on moving there eventually - I was supposed to next month but since I got the job at the hospital, I wanted the experience on the med surg floor so I'm more marketable to nursing programs and jobs in Colorado. BUT there is another snag, since I'm working at a teaching hospital I could get into the nursing program at the university that is part of the hospital, that would mean I wouldn't move in 2 years. (sigh) Anyways, it can be done - even at our old age LOL My girls are grown and left me (not that they went to live their life, they left me...haha, at least thats what I tell them) So it's just me and the pets they left with me.

So lets get on with it - we aren't old 50 is the new 30 - heck you youngins' in your 40's have a lot of time!!!!

I'm a 42 yo husband to an amazing woman and father to 5 wonderful children, 4 boys and 1 girl ages 19, 18, 15, 12 and 10. My Princess is the baby and Daddy's little girl. I'm still taking pre-reqs (only 3 left), but not at the moment. I'm finishing up a 2 year contract overseas and I'll be home 1 August. I can't wait!!! I miss my family and I'm ready to get back in school.

I am a soon to be 42yo divorced mom of two teens. I've just finished my pre-reqs & studying for my entrance exam. I'm a little discouraged because of my grades but staying focused. My cumulative GPA is 3.0 & my AP1, AP2, and Micro grades were Bs. I'm hoping to do well on the NLN & "luck up" on acceptance. Working full time & going to school is really tough.

My cumulative is 3.1 but I have all A's in my math and sciences. I do still have A&P2 to take, and like you, need to study for the entrance exam. It seems like most areas have waiting lists, but our school recently only started accepting residents of the our state. This should help .....

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