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Who the heck designs uniforms?

I don't want to look "sexy" when i go to work but a little bit of style would look nice. Uniforms all look the same (hence the name i suppose) but they all have the same cut.

i would LOVE a lab coat styled like the dusters that are out now. i go thru rack after rack and i dont like any of them!

is this my imagination or am i just shopping in the wrong places?


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You could look in a pattern book for something similar to what you want and have it made in a VISA type fabric.

If you mean the sleeveless duster you could get a labcoat with set-in sleeves and remove the sleeves.

I had a lot of luck just buying from stores like Walmart....not uniforms but pants, shirts etc. that held up better than any uniform. Bobbie Brooks makes some really "sturdy" items.


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bobby brooks huh..thanks ill check that out.

it just gets so frustrating. everyone looks like this

| |

| |

| |

unless there are flowers or some other pattern men and women can wear the same thing.

on our unit we are only allowed to wear white or navy blue lab coats. there is one pattern allowed but its that generic paint looking thing.

i thought about having some made too but the thing is i am an absolute slob. i consider myself lucky if i can get to work with out a stain or mark from something. i have just ruined my favorite top and lab coat with a leaking pen. i tried the hairspray but it didnt work. oh god now im rambling...sorry...lol

thanks for the good ideas


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I saw flare-bottomed white pants in one catalog. I'm sorry, but I am NOT a teenager and I don't wish to dress like one at work! Next they'll offer halter top scrub tops to match!


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But don't get me wrong, I don't much like to wear oversized baggy clothes all the time either. I've gotten some nice scrubs at lifeuniform.com

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I just bought some great Christmas tops at Tafford.com. I am of the "omar the Tent maker" size range, and I do very well w/that company.:D

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We have to wear navy blue where I work.


:rolleyes: ;)


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Look at this pattern. It has a duster, slacks, and a top. It ought to be simple to make too. Also look at the rest of the sportswear.


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I do have a question.

Honestly I have a problem just finding scrubs to fit me.

It is sooooo sad. I am 5'3'' which maybe is a little short, but I know others are shorter than me.

(I have only found one store where they fit me)

I buy extra short/small and I still have to roll them up 4 times!!

Does anyone know where I can get super short pants??


how I wish i were taller....


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I'd just get out a needle and thread and shorten my pants myself.

I have the need to alter a lot of my clothes.


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which design do you mean?

i followed the link and went to speciality items but i dont see which one you are talking about.(maybe i should have gone to costumes...lol)

KRVRN...im trying to understand your post...i think you are saying that flare bottom pants are one step below halter scrub tops...lol

im sorry but the thoughts of halter scrubs just cracks me up.

look, i am 44 years old. i LIKE flare bottom pants. if you consider that dressing like a teenager then thats youre opinion, but its not mine. i like what i like.

all im saying is that for the most part...uniforms have NO style to them. if you want to look like this:

| |

| |

| |

i dont have a problem with it. i wont criticize what you wear. if you are comfortable and clean and dont stink then its not my concern.

but maybe i want to look like this:

| |

\ /

/ \

or this:

| |

| |

something just a little different.

im going to check out trafford.com

kr..would you please let me know what catalog you saw the flare bottom pants in?

allright i gotta go...im busy designing halter scrub tops (can you picture that? lol)

thanks for your replies


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I can understand what you're saying about not wanting to look like everyone else, and wanting a little style. We all have our different tastes and that's cool! Me? I'm the boring type who enjoys the uniforms --- I buy way too many of them!!! :D Good luck though, and I hope you find what you're looking for!

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