Let's All Celebrate for nursing student 19 !

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tomorrow (may 27, 2009) is her last day as a school health aide. she is finishing up the end of her student nursing and she will be getting married.....all at the same time !! :yeah:

we all wish you the very best of everything ! have a happy wedding :heartbeat:heartbeat. we love you :loveya:


praiser :heartbeat

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Don't forget to visit and say hi on the school nurse forum every now and then!


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all the best to you, nursing student 19!!

remember us when you're rich and famous! (and send a sick kid to school with a temp of 99.9 tee hee!!)


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I always enjoyed reading your posts nursing student 19! Though I didn't often get a chance to respond, I learned a lot from your questions and I even got quite a few laughs.

Best of luck in your future endeavors. Your contributions will be greatly missed.


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oh my goodness ! praiser you beat me to the punch. i was just about to thank you and... aneroo, schoolnursebsn, purple scrubs, needsmorechocolate, pugmomrn, lovely09, and all the rest of you.

but yes today is my last day and i will miss the students and the staff(some). although i've had my ups and downs the last couple of years i must really say that i have enjoyed being a health aide. i love treating the children, building relationships, and all the joy that comes with that.

just when i thought i was on the breaking point from working in school health praiser led me to this forum. from this forum i received encouragement and support. it also enabled me to vent and get heavy things off my chest. you all have helped to be a better health aide as well. you all are competent and compassionate nurses something that i hope to possess when i become a nurse. wish me luck with my last 8 weeks of ns and my aug. 1st wedding !

although i won't be working in school health anymore i'll still be on this forum every day ! i love each and everyone one of you. you all are the best school nurses ever !

- you all have a wonderful summer !

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congo-rats on all fronts!



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you go girl.:yeah: best of luck in whatever area of nursing you choose. i know you'll do great because i can hear the caring in your posts.:redpinkhe enjoy married life, too. don't forget us over here in the school nurse family.

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I won't forget you luvschoolnursing. I love ya ! Thanks for all the support guys.

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