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I would stick it out for a year or at least until you had a job offer in writing. When I first started, I worked in critical care and quickly realized the patient population wasn't the right fit for me. I wanted to quit ASAP, however I stuck it out for a year until I was able to transfer to a unit (& hospital) that was best for me.

There may be other units within the same hospital system you may want to transfer to. Some hospitals allow you to transfer to another unit within 6 months. Check your hospital's policy to be sure.

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Nine months? Stick it out for three more, seriously. You'll love yourself for it. I mean, you could try to apply for other hospital jobs in the meantime, and possibly by the time they get back to you you'll have been there for a year. I would try to wait. I work every other weekend, "officially". However, rotating days/nights would kill me and be the deal breaker. I don't see why people do this because everyone I see doing it always comes on the floor looking all sorts of exhausted.

And maybe just tell your new employer you were seeking more of a challenge after establishing a base for yourself, or something similar.


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Don't quit this one before you have another job, but go ahead and start applying. Like a PP said, by the time you submit a resume, go to interviews and put in a 4 week notice you'll probably be close to a year anyway.

However, I would make SURE that you will be able to stay at your next job for a longer period of time. Ask to shadow if they offer you a job.

I'm about to start in a speciality area after about 9 months at my first job. I wasn't just desperate to get out, but there was an opening in the unit I wanted, and they don't have very many openings so I applied. Nobody really likes working where I'm at now, and everybody who works there loves their job, so I'm pretty sure I'll be there a while. At least long enough not to be considered a job hopper.

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... rotating days/nights would kill me and be the deal breaker. I don't see why people do this because everyone I see doing it always comes on the floor looking all sorts of exhausted.

There are a LOT of people who have no choice but to work rotating shifts (like me :sleep: ). In areas where there's a largely unionized nursing population, the collective agreement will essentially insist that everyone work rotating shifts in acute and long-term care. Some agreements are written in such a way that a person could be scheduled to work 2 weekends in 3 and 60% of their shifts on nights. Units are usually under no obligation to provide straight-day positions although some contracts will say that an employee has the right to request (but cannot be forced to work) a permanent NIGHT rotation. In terms of healthy rotations, a person should either work days-evenings or days-nights, and not rotate through all three. I've been working rotating 12-hour days and nights since 1995. It's hard on the body and the mind, but when it's that or no job...


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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I took your advice to "stick it out for a year" and I am still miserable, if not more, but for different reasons.

It's been 13 months and I am looking for an OUT!


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I am in the same situation as you. I been at my job for 6 months and I just got a job offer at another job. They said all I needed was 6 months and they hired me. I am so excited go if to start in a couple of weeks. It doesn't hurt to apply at places and if the other place looks like a better opportunity why not go for instead if being miserable at your job?


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I believe annieboo444...

If you get an offer that may be a better oppertunity, why not take it. I am currently with my employer for 6 months now and I've been recently offered to interview with 3 facilities. Oppertunity will start opening up, we don't necessarily have to stick it out and be miserable with the current job. If an offer comes your way, don't hesitate to take it because you never know when it will be offered again?

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I left my first nursing job with about 8 months experience for an equivalent job. Then I only worked at the new job for a few months before I had a medical problem, took a few months off, then got a third job where I work now. Extra, relevant certifications helped get my resume noticed. (CPI, TNCC, ACLS, BLS, PALS, ENPC, IV Certification, 12 lead ECG, blah blah) When people need employees and you have experience and qualifications, you can get hired. six months of experience makes a huge difference in a nurse when compared to a new grad. Think about how much you've learned since nursing school ended? How many meds you've drawn up and phone calls you've made and patients and doctors and other nurses you've interacted with.

What are your reasons for wanting to work at the next place? Turn it more into wanting to work there instead of wanting to leave the other place. "I love the culture at your facility"... "I had a family member that loved working there "... "I had a positive experience as a patient at your facility"...or something. Turn the question into something positive. I dunno... why do you want to work at the other hospital? cuz it might not suck...? Not a very strong reason. :-p Have something genuine to talk about in that department, facility, whatever.

Worst comes to worst, you don't get considered for another job for a few months while you get closer to that "magic one year" at your current workplace... at the very least, you will keep your resume and certifications current! :-) Don't let the fear of success or change stop you (unless you like maintaining the status quo).

Best of luck to you.

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