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I am a LPN and leaving a Med Surg position after only six months and taking a new job at a local Planned Parenthood Office. Does anyone think I am crazy for doing this? I am stressed out most of the time when I get there, I work the 3-11p shift, I like the work, I have learned sooo much since I am there ( only an LPN 1 year) but the pressure of the call bells and phones, and Docs all the small stuff that sets you back all the time. I don't leave most of the time until 12A or so, only a RN , LPN and a CNA to 16 PT's most of the time, sometimes we can have a second RN. The RN I work with now also is a problem she is a new RN was a LPN for 10years but some how has forgot that she was an LPN and treats me like crap. Anyway has anyone worked at an PP office or Doc office and do you like it?

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I've never worked for PP or in an office, but I don't think you're crazy for leaving! :)

More power to ya, good luck!


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I feel your pain....I'm a new nurse too, and I left Med/Surg too after only 2 months and have never looked back. I worked nights, but we had the same thing....lights, Docs, setbacks, and leaving late. Too much stress......I left for a Docs Group and I have never been happier....go for it!


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I had a job that I loved on a Mother/Baby floor of one hospital right after I graduated (started in L&D first). My kids pediatricians office swept me away to work at one of their new offices. I thought that would be ideal...no more nights, weekends, or holidays. I did enjoy the work there!!! I enjoyed working with everyone there!!! But...

1) They began to expect me to work just as long of hours. I would come in at 7:30 a.m. and when flu season hit or depending on which doc was there that day (some drag out the time with pts, putting us all behind in going home or to lunch), it may be 8 p.m. before we could leave for the day.

2) When my kids got sick, they expected me to bring them to work with me and stick them all alone in one of the exam rooms while I worked. No comfy bed, no tv, no mommy that could come at the drop of a hat, nothing!

3) The pay was much less.

4) I felt I was losing some of my skills I'd worked so hard to learn in school because, other than checking vitals, giving injections & doing some lab work, I didn't get to do as much as when working in the hospital.

If I had it all to do over again, I would've spent AT LEAST a year working on a med/surg floor so that I could get a better foundation. I'd heard that it's real hard starting out in L&D right out of school and where I got my job, they usually didn't hire fresh RNs to work there, but they hired me and I thought that's where I wanted to work forever. But, I realized after a few months there that I didn't...I did love Mother/Baby.

After I left the peds office, I took a couple of years off to enjoy being involved with things my kids are involved with until I decided exactly what I wanted to do. I now work Orthopedics on a very busy floor and we get lots of overflow med/surg. I can't tell you how lost I felt at first trying to remember everything. But, I've stuck it out, had some great nurses to work with who don't mind answering questions without treating me like I'm stupid, and I'm learning so much more than I did in any of the other 3 areas I worked before.

BUT, it's your decision and I wish you the best no matter what you decide to do. Just keep in mind that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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Sorry you are so unhappy - hope that PP is what you want. Please be careful though as that can be a dangerous place to work also due to protesting and such.


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I am aware of the problem with the protestors and did ask about it at the interview. The local police patrols the area throughout the day and the clinic is part of all new buildings that are going up so it is not a stand alone place. They also will give you beepers if you feel a problem leaving the building. I live close to this place and never read anything in the paper about having any problem there. Thanks for your concern:)


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I've been doing med/surg for a year and am leaving "the floor" to work in the OR. Sure it's less money but I'm trading the $25 an hour for a mon-fri no holiday no nights no weekend schedule and no damn call lights!!!!!!!!!


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I've been doing med/surg for a year and am leaving "the floor" to work in the OR. Sure it's less money but I'm trading the $25 an hour for a mon-fri no holiday no nights no weekend schedule and no damn call lights!!!!!!!!!

WoooooooooHoooooooooo, MelissaRN! Enjoy!


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Thanks SCRN! Probably if I stayed at my floor longer it would have gotten better. I do feel like my life is less of a slow Hell, but OR is where I've always wanted to be. :balloons:


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Hi Mommy/Grandma!

Please email me or send a private message. I have worked in a local PP in various roles. Maybe I can give you some insight. Good luck.

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I posted to you yesterday but my post is gone????



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I understand where you are... I just graduated in December, and am working on a Orthopedic floor.. And I hate the hospital more and more everyday... But I think its this floor... This floor is so chaotic and you are always running... When I get pulled to other floors things are much less chaotic.. Still busy.. Just not crazy... So I'm thinking before I take that huge paycut (I have a new Nissan Titan in my future) then I might transfer to another floor... Good Luck to you

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