Leaving ICU to Where?????


For the nurses who leave the ICU...what areas do u go into.. Most nurses I know go to the PACU. Any other areas?


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My friend left a community hospital ICU for an IMC in a large teaching hospital .She loves it!

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My husband left ICU to work as a critical care nurse with Oil companies and on the Ferries... he really likes it so far! I work Surgery and OB, so I guess that's not really an option for me unless the guys in the Oil Rigs are in Labor or just had their appendix out... haha

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I went from ICU to nutrition support, so did the other two nurses on my team.

Some of my friends went to cath lab, surgery, PACU, cardiac rehab, hospice...

A few went to graduate school to become CRNAs and NPs.


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Leave the ICU why on earth would you want to do that :D!

most of the ICU RN's where I work seem to move onto CRNA or ACNP

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I left ICU to go to a medical device manufacturer as a clinical educator/medical affairs manager.

I then went back to ICU for a while.

Now I work for the transplant team, closely with the ICU team. Studying to be an ACNP.

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I did one year of med surg, two years of critical care in my prep for eventual transfer into emergency nursing. And that was all I did for almost my entire career and emergency nursing will always be my first love.

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