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Leaving ICU to go to Hospice - Case management

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I have been an ICU nurse for two years and am looking for a new job I am not leaving the job itself but there seem to be way took many toxic "in your face" type personalities at my work place. I don't feel that it is emotionally healthy for me to stay there any longer and I am a 100% sure I want to leave.

I have found that I have gotten the most satisfaction from my job when taking care of patients and families that are transitioning to end of life care. I have seen that there are worse things than dying.

I have an interview this week with a reputable non profit company in my area for a case management job.

I am basically scared to death though of leaving my current job that I'm comfortable in. Looking for encouragement.

I recently left ICU nursing for Hospice nursing. I too found myself most satisfied with my job when transitioning patient's to end of life care, and couldn't agree more that there are worse things than dying. So far, I love my new job and am so thankful for the change. :)


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I am a newer registered nurse and I have been a licensed vocational nurse for several years six to be exact I have always found that my heart leans towards end-of-life and palliative care. I think every nurse has their Niche something that they like to do that gives them peace and comfort and joy. Death and dying seems to make a lot of people uncomfortable but it's such a rewarding experience as a nurse because we can bring peace and comfort not just to the patient but to the whole family it's a very intimate type of nursing. I love being a patient advocate. If you feel like that is where you would love to be then go there and try it out. The beauty about nursing is that there are so many different Avenues the possibilities are endless.

Lin P-

Hospice nurses are amazing and what inspired me to go to nursing school. You will be absolutely amazing, you clearly already have the skills and passion for it.


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You will definitely not be stuck with backstabbing co workers all day, where I worked in hospice we came into the office once or twice a week for meetings or to turn in paperwork, usually maybe for about an hour, its a very autonomous job, flexible schedule and no one standing over you. I did hospice for 8 years, I enjoyed those things at first but it has it's own set of issues! Good luck.

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I have been a nurse 30 yrs last 15 in Emergency Departments .I just accepted a full time position as Hospice Case Manager .My Husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2015 and passed away last may 2017.The oncology and hospice nurses were awesome.I have been considering Hospice for awhile .I start feb 5th.