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Cab411 has 7 years experience and specializes in home health, hospice, SNF, geriatrics.

7 years LVN, now RN working in hospice.

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  1. Cab411

    Leaving ICU to go to Hospice - Case management

    I am a newer registered nurse and I have been a licensed vocational nurse for several years six to be exact I have always found that my heart leans towards end-of-life and palliative care. I think every nurse has their Niche something that they like to do that gives them peace and comfort and joy. Death and dying seems to make a lot of people uncomfortable but it's such a rewarding experience as a nurse because we can bring peace and comfort not just to the patient but to the whole family it's a very intimate type of nursing. I love being a patient advocate. If you feel like that is where you would love to be then go there and try it out. The beauty about nursing is that there are so many different Avenues the possibilities are endless.
  2. Cab411

    What keeps you going as a nurse?

    Caring for my patients. When they need help I'm there for them. And when I get them what they need, get them comfortable, meet their needs, I feel like I did my job. And not just patients but their family members too. I love caring for people always have always will. Being a patient advocate.
  3. I was with several pts when they have taken their last breath. Their hearts always still beat for 10 to 15 min afterwards so techincally you were right. You did the right thing. It is hard. As nurses we do our best to help.people through hard times. You did a wonderful job. (((Hugs)))
  4. Cab411

    10 year old died after I performed CPR

    This is very stressful I couldn't imagine my deepest support on this forum I agree with letting the family be and if they want to contact you they can. Otherwise best to stay back. Try reaching out and talking with people about it. This will take time to move on.
  5. Cab411

    ACLS Certification

    It takes time and practice. Main point to remember is how to treat the issue with acls. What degree heart block?? Does it matter? You will treat it the same either way so don't get caught up on specifics. Remember stable medicine unstable Edison
  6. Cab411

    Interview Question

    Just be plain and simple I like my current hospital but this hospital offers more opportunity for advancement and is better aligned with my needs at this time.
  7. Cab411

    Feeling like the dumbest nurse on earth

    Best advice here. New grad straight into icu? That's a he'll of a lot of stress. Most people start on med surg or other use its to get basic experience and then go into specialty areas like icu, labor and delivery, nicu, dou, etc. I know I wouldn't feel comfy going into icu as a new grad, I graduated and got my license 3 weeks ago!
  8. Cab411

    Job hunting!

    I feel proficient in Mt current job since I have been at it for over a year now I just transitioned from lvn to rn Infusion clinic sounds good I feel comfy with my current skill set except iv hopefully I get good exposure
  9. Cab411

    Job hunting!

    I am a new RN as of June 30th. I was an lvn for 7 years prior to my RN. I am currently being trained at my job in hospice as an RN case manager. I can't tell you enough how much I love seeing patients in their homes. After working at a skilled nursing facility for 6 years, I am worn out with med pass and assessment of 28 plus patients. I worked the last year in home health and hospice at night on call while in the RN program. I feel proficient in skills with catheters injections wounds post surgical hips knees shoulders even cabg drains JP nephrostomy tunes gallbladder drains Penrose etc IV central lines and IV meds are what I am weak in. In hospice I won't use these skills very often. So I am looking for part time or per diem work on the side using these skills. Any ideas on jobs I can look for? I tried 2 different hospitals for part time or per diem but they don't want a new grad in those positions. They want me full time and I simply don't want to leave my current job. The company I work for is amazing. Just need some ideas, maybe I'm not thinking outside the box!!
  10. Cab411

    Working 12's with small children

    Suck it up butter cup!!!! Lol just kidding I worked 36 hours a week, in lvn to rn bridge program, two kids ages 7 and 4. Did that for a whole year PLUS taking online classes so I averaged 19 to 22 units a semester....and I had to drive 180 mile round trip to class because it was the fastest program I could get into. I about lost my mind....my husband worked 40 hours a week. I had one kid in school, one in daycare and preschool combo 5 days a week. I had to hire a baby sitter to come early in the morning so I could leave in time for school. Then my husband picked up the kids. He pretty much did everything...laundry, cleaning, dishes, prepared lunches for the next day, and every other little thing. He wasn't happy about it but it worked. You just have to figure out a solid schedule and stick to a routine. It will be hobbit forming and the kids know what to expect as well and everyone's on the same page.
  11. Cab411

    Being the Nurse Everyone Wants to Have

    Awesome read. I often ask myself the same question. I think genuine active listening, being attentive to patient and family needs, and having patience with the patient and family is VITAL. Always listen, don't judge, and help the patient and family. Educate them, encourage them, have compassion. A compassionate caring nurse. This is what I strive for, and so far, I think I'm working towards that goal very well
  12. No this is her experience just because it doesn't align with your beliefs doesn't discount her experiences. This is HER reflection of how nursing has impacted her. This shouldn't be offensive.
  13. Cab411

    The right to an opinion

    What I have recently come to realize is that we are all entitled to have an opinion, but that opinion isn't right or wrong when it comes to a patient ls plan of care. Everyone has a right to make choices about their Healthcare and the choice and decisions they make are not right or wrong they are just choices the person feels is the best durning that time. One person might have a different direction with their health care verses another but one isn't better worse or right or wrong. We do not know all the ins and outs in people's lives. We aren't there to judge people's choices about their lives or healthcare, we are there to educated and inform patients of all possible outcomes so they can make the best decision that fits their needs.
  14. Cab411

    NCLEX and waiting for results....

    Interview for the acute care medsurg
  15. Cab411

    NCLEX and waiting for results....

    I did hear back June 30, I passed!! Yeah!!! I Have an item omw Thursday I hope they will hire me on for part time or per diem. Thereafter no way I'm leaving my current job it is too awesome
  16. Cab411

    What happened to professionalism in nursing?

    I worked at a facility for 9 years 2 years towards end of my employment management was absolutely awful. They hired a bunch of new big wigs and everything in the facility went under. The moral was down census was low people were being overworked CNAs were being forced to work overtime lots of calls to the state it was pretty bad. Plus I was supposed to get wound certified promised by my administrator two years prior and it never happened. I finally took a leap of faith and left and found a new job. I found a company that believes in supporting their employees and believes inpatient care Above All Else. I forgot what it was like to work for a company and have co-workers with such love and compassion for nursing and for the patients and their families. I feel so blessed that I left and I feel blessed that I found this new job and a new company that completely rocks. Sometimes it's just a sign that it's time to move on.