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  1. bekabsn

    Hospice nursing to oncology inpatient?

    I have experience in hospice nursing, but currently work in an inpatient oncology unit. In my experience there isn't a very big difference between the hospice and oncology population. Most of my oncology patients are dying, the difference being they are still holding out for a miracle treatment/fix or cure. I'm sure outpatient oncology is different, and good outcomes are witnessed more often, but as an inpatient oncology nurse, most of my patients are admitted for end stage organ failure of some kind because they are dying from either the cancer or the treatment. The other type of patients we typically see are surgical and inpatient chemo cases-these often have a better prognosis, and may result in a better outcome. If you like the hospice population, you will most likely like the oncology population too. The part that is hard for me, is when caring for a patient who is dying and the docs are still willing to provide chemo/radiation and the family and patient want to keep fighting when you as the nurse KNOW they have hours to days left. As a previous hospice nurse, these scenarios break my heart. I do enjoy my job though and absolutely love my patients. With that said, I know someday I will go back to hospice nursing.
  2. bekabsn

    Your FAVORITE job

    Hospice-exactly for the reason described above by the other hospice nurses!! Couldn't have said it better. I work in an inpatient hospice unit, so I still work hourly 3 -12 hour shifts. Which i love having my 4 days off so I get the best of both worlds.
  3. bekabsn

    Opportunity to transition into critical care

    So sorry to hear you are struggling to find a place in ICU. I have a co-worker who has now been on our ICU unit for 1 year, previous work experience was OR nursing. She is a fabulous nurse and a great asset to the team. Sure there was a learning curve to overcome, but didn't take long, and well worth it. I hope you are able to land a job in ICU/CCU soon!
  4. bekabsn

    Interviewer suggested float pool. . . thoughts?

    The hospital i work for onboards new grad nurses through the staffing/float department. We get a very good orientation, stay on one unit for 6 months, and after that have opportunity to float. After 1 year, the staffing department assists new grads with finding a "home" to become part of. I think if the organization has a program to orient new grads through the floating role..then it would be a good fit.
  5. bekabsn

    Homemaker to RN @ 40

    Stay at home mom for over 12 years, graduated BSN age 42, landed dream job 2 months later in acute care hospital/ICU unit. You will be fine! :) Enjoy the process! You have much to look forward to.
  6. In my opinion, skills can always be learned. It's those who struggle with critical thinking, problem solving and/or prioritization that might have a difficult time in an ICU setting.
  7. 1. Do you believe mobile use (smartphone) has increased your quality of your work as a nurse? Strongly agree 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly Disagree 3 2. Do you feel the use of smartphones has enhanced the nursing community? Strongly agree 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly Disagree 4 3. How often do you use your smartphone for daily assignments as a nurse? A. Never B. 1-2 times a day (seldom) C. More then 5 times a day (frequent) B 4. Do you feel smartphones has hindered the nursing-patient relationship? Strongly agree 1 2 3 4 5 Strongly Disagree 4 5. What is the {main} purpose of your smartphone while on the job as a nurse? A. Texting B. Apps C. Phone calls D. Emails. E. Other E. Setting alarms to remind me of assessments/tasks needed during shift, and looking up research pertinent to my job.