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  1. Congrats to everyone who has gotten an interview! Has anyone heard from maternity or L&D yet?
  2. Congrats to everyone who got an interview! Has anyone heard from Maternity or L&D yet?
  3. Cate1987

    48hours quick result on sunday

  4. Cate1987

    Hurst Review Opinion?

    I haven't taken the NCLEX yet but I took Hurst and loved it. They always explain why you do things which is something I felt was lacking in my nursing program. I take NCLEX later this summer. Once I take it I will post again to share if it was helpful. Thanks!
  5. Cate1987

    How do I learn and not just memorize???

    Kahn academy is great for physiology. Anatomy unfortunately just requires memorization. I made flashcards with photos on the front and name, origin insertion etc on the back and that really helped me. Also I wish I had read this book while I was in physiology. It helped me a ton when I was in patho, but I wish I had learned about what can go wrong with the body while I was learning how it normally functions. Amazon.com Page Not Found
  6. Cate1987

    How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

    Thanks for all of these helpful comments!
  7. Cate1987

    Leaving ICU to go to Hospice - Case management

    Lin P- Hospice nurses are amazing and what inspired me to go to nursing school. You will be absolutely amazing, you clearly already have the skills and passion for it.
  8. Cate1987

    How I passed the EXIT Hesi first try 2 weeks out...

    Thank you for sharing!
  9. Cate1987

    El Camino Hospital New Grad RN 2016

    Hi 2ndgen, I am looking at applying to the el camino program. Did you end up doing it and did you like it? Thanks!
  10. Cate1987

    HH experience a plus?

    Thanks for your post! Are you happy that you did acute care first? I am interested in PHN and am curious if you are glad you did a year of a cute care nursing first.
  11. Cate1987

    HH experience a plus?

    Mia415- Are you happy that you went into PHN nursing right away? I am interested in PHN after graduation, but everyone says I must do med surg first. My heart isn't in med surg though, and I feel that my personal strengths are more aligned with PHN. Would love to hear more about your experience and if you would recommend it to others. Thanks!
  12. Burno - Are you happy that you tried homecare first? I am interested in homecare nursing but am wondering if it will limit me if I wanted to move into something else. Thanks!
  13. Cate1987

    Endoscopy Nursing as a New grad

    NCMurse- I'm curious. How did this all work out? Did you end up going into endoscopy nursing?
  14. Hi! I would love to hear from any second degree/ career nurses about their advice/ experience the first few years after graduation. I left my first career because I wanted to find something where I felt like I was helping people and making a difference (my first career paid well but was totally meaningless). I was inspired to go into nursing after watching an amazing team of hospice nurses care for my grandfather. My med surg rotations have been good, however I don't feel like I get to really interact with my patients ( I just feel like its, IV start Med Pass, check tele e.t.c with really minimal patient interaction). I am graduating in a few months from an ELMSN program and am interested in PHN, Home Health and Hospice. I want to start a family in the next couple years and want to build a career where I feel like I am providing both excellent and personal care while also balancing my family life. I hear from so many people that I need to spend a year or two in Med Surg before moving onto something else. Has this been true in your experience? I would love to hear anyone's experience going into nursing as a second career who was concerned about balancing family and doing a good job at work.
  15. Cate1987

    Kaiser Redwood City

    Hi RnFrieda Can you elaborate any more? I have been interested in KRWC but your post makes it seem like it is not a good idea. Thanks for the heads up!
  16. Cate1987

    Stanford RN New Grad 3/2017

    Hi, To anyone who was accepted into the Stanford New grad program. How are you liking it? Are you happy with your choice?