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No12S has 23 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Medical Surgical.

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  1. No12S

    Case Load Home Care

    I worked at a hospice in the Southeast and my caseload averaged 12-14 patients but there were times where you had a busy week with admissions and end up with 16 or 17 patients which is very difficult to manage in hospice. The nurse who mentions her caseload is 30 patients and oncall for a week every other week, please find you another hospice company because the one you are with is DEFINITELY not the normal hospice company. They obviously don't care about the staff. I worked hospice for 8 years as a case manager, the most patients I ever had as a case manager was 17 and that was for a short period of time, my average oncall was 3 times a month with one of those days being a Saturday or sunday, not both. Please know that what they are asking you to do is not common to hospice.
  2. No12S

    Amedisys company

    Some of the situations described are unique to just hospice.
  3. You will definitely not be stuck with backstabbing co workers all day, where I worked in hospice we came into the office once or twice a week for meetings or to turn in paperwork, usually maybe for about an hour, its a very autonomous job, flexible schedule and no one standing over you. I did hospice for 8 years, I enjoyed those things at first but it has it's own set of issues! Good luck.
  4. No12S

    Amedisys company

    I worked hospice for 8 years and it's a thankless job. I worked for a large hospice in the southeast. No matter how much you do it is never enough, there is a lot of favoritism, blaming and gossip within the office staff about certain nurses. Management didn't care how busy you were, they were not coming out of the office to help, they continually piled more patients and visits on you. The burnout rate is high, a lot of nurses lose their compassion because they are so overworked. I was a case manager and really did not see how anyone could do on call. They were worked to the bone! Reg visits, admissions, gip visits, delivering supplies, etc. the pay was decent, I was salaried and made about $65,000/yr. (mileage included). I was tired of the backup oncall, working all day and sometimes having to work all night too, dealing with dysfunctional, mentally ill patients and caregivers, drug addict patients and family members, going into filthy, roach infested houses. I left hospice a few months ago and never plan on going back! I never really liked it, it was just a job not a calling as some pretend. Wish I had left sooner.
  5. No12S

    hours worked per week

    I worked hospice for 8 years. Generally I worked about 40-45 hours a week but one of the worst things about hospice is oncall! They put you on a salary so they don't have to pay overtime. The on call rotation was about 3 Days a month, I would have to work all day, then be on call all night until 8am the next morning,and when it was your time to do a wkend day it was a 24 hour oncall. There is a lot of driving, a lot of filthy houses and dysfunctional, mentally ill people you deal with(patients and family). if you get off at 5 and one of your patients calls at 4:30 you are expected to go out and see them, the visit could last an hour or two. The good- flexibility, no micromanaging, you work alone and no time clock. I left 6 months ago and never plan to go back!
  6. No12S

    Thinking of leaving hospice

    I left hospice after 8 years as a case manager. I was burned out also. I had a caseload of 12-15 patients, had to do about 3 days of on call per month, if the on call was on a wkend then it was 24hrs. I drove 175 miles one Saturday oncall and worked a 12 hour shift after I had worked mon- fri, management was lazy and would run the field nurses ragged, you would have your day planned, be asked to see other people's patients when you finally got caught up or do an admission, getting up at 1am to do an oncall visit, then being expected to come in the next day and see your regular patients. After 8 years, I had had enough. The best thing about hospice for me was flexible hours. I have never regretted leaving. Wish I Had done it sooner!
  7. No12S

    Anybody here??

    I have only done telephone triage for about half a year and I really like it, my previous experience was ER, Med/Surg and Hospice. My worst day in telephone triage is better than my best day at the bedside. Where I work we don't take the calls from patients, we have admin assistants who answer the phones and send the nurses messages if there is a medical question or need. Of course you get rude people just like anywhere else, and a lot people seem to get upset because you are asking question, you get a lot of people who say "I'm sick" or "I feel bad" and expect you to automatically know what their symptoms are, but I like working 8-5, no weekends, no holidays and no nights! When you get a rude and nasty person on the phone, in 4-5 minutes the call is over and you move on but at the bedside, you have 12 hours of hell! Bedside nursing is just not for me and I hope I never have to see another patient or demanding family member face to face again!
  8. No12S


    I have not worked for them but I know someone who did. She worked for them for abou 1 1/2yrs. She said the best part of the job was that you work from Home and didn't have to commute. Worst part was that you have to take back to back calls over a 8 hour period, as soon as you hang up, there's another call coming in, all calls are monitored, you can't even go to the bathroom without being monitored, every moment of your day has to be accounted for. It's kind of an assembly line mentality, if you don't keep up with quotas you'll have a problem. Just second hand info. Hope it helps
  9. No12S

    teletriage nursing

    I have done telephone triage for about 7 months and I really like it. It's the best nursing job I have ever had! I've been a nurse for 15yrs and have worked in the ER, Med/Surg and Hospice, honestly I hated all those jobs and realized that bedside nursing is just not for me, I think hospice was the worse, I really hated feeling responsible for other people's emotional needs, with telephone triage I dont't have to see any needy patients, no demanding family members thinking they are at the holiday inn, no rude doctors, no call lights and best of all no nights, no weekends, no holidays. If I get a rude caller, in 4-5 min the call is over and I'm done with them vs working a 12 hr shift and dealing with them and there entitled family members the entire day! I work 8-5, walk out the door everyday at 5! I don't have to hope and pray I get Xmas or thanksgiving off because we are closed and everyone is off! I wished it was a work from Home job but I work in a call center. My only regret is that I didn't leave bedside nursing sooner!
  10. No12S

    Hospice Nursing as a New Nurse

    I agree it will be difficult if you have only done peds for 6 months. With hospice, you are basically on your own, having to make decisions by yourself, you can call or email a manager but a lot of times it's just you. You really need a good med/surg, ICU or ER background. With hospice, the family look to you for answers and solve problems, even with experience hospice is very difficult. It's doable but won't be easy.
  11. No12S

    FT on call positions 7on 7off

    I just quit a full time hospice case manager job. I had done hospice for 8 years. Our on call did 7 on/7off from Friday 5pm- 8am thurs with 24hrs on the wkend. We had a census of 200! the CM were backup, we did about 3 Days a month. On call did admissions, deaths, routine visits, GIPs, deliver supplies. They were run ragged! I had one tell me she had driven 200 miles one shift! There were 3 full time RNs on call m-f and they had an LPN with them on Wkends, one of the RNs did triage only and the other 2 did all the visits. During the week typically the saw maybe 3-4 pts a night each but wkends they would each see 7-8 patients a day, It was always busy.
  12. No12S

    New to triage and feeling incompetent!

    I have done telephone triage in a call center for about 7 months. It's quite different from what you describe that you do. Me and 3 other nurses triage calls for about 10 doctors, I was given each physicians protocol when I started, if I have a question or don't feel comfortable making a decision about something I email the CRNP who works for the doctor, they each have 2 full time CRNPs. I return calls to patients, I do not answer the phone. We have admin assistants in the call center who take all calls and forward a message to the nurse if the caller has medical questions, issues or pain. I have no quota that I have to meet. I love my job! It is the best nursing job I have ever had! I have been a nurse 15 years and have worked in the ER, Hospice and Med/Surg(hated each one of those jobs). Bedside nursing is just not for me. The only regret I have is I wish I had left bedside nursing sooner! I have all wkends and holidays off, work 8-5. No more hoping I can get Xmas off or having to work thanksgiving because I wasn't the bosses favorite, bedside nursing is a slow and painful death! Never again
  13. No12S

    More info about tele trisge nursing

    I do telephone triage for neurosurgey and work for a large teaching hospital. I work 8-5, m-f, always off on wkends and holidays. I work in an office with 3 other nurses. My typical day is returning phone calls to pts with post-op issues, we have appointment schedulers who take the calls and they forward the ones to us who have medical issues so I don't answer any phones all day. It's a relaxed atmosphere, I have time to drink me a cup of coffee and eat breakfast each morning, get up and take breaks throughout the day, we have 24hours to return phone calls, patients are told for urgent needs go to the ER. Typical issues I deal with are...wound care, wound infection, refills, pain. I love it! Wish I had left bedside nursing sooner. No more hoping I can be off for Xmas or thanksgiving...the office is closed. I go home on time everyday and no threat of ever working weekends because we are closed!
  14. No12S

    Need advice Please- Call Center RN job?

    I have worked in a neurosurgery call center for 7 months, before that I worked in ER, Hospice and Med Surg. Honestly I hated bedside nursing, and thought about quitting nursing after 15 years then I applied for the call center and got hired. I absolutely love it! I I never plan to return to bedside nursing. I work mon-fri, all wkends and holidays off, 8-5 shift, I never have to worry if I have to work Xmas or thanksgiving because we are closed! Never have to hope I get lucky and get Xmas and not the managers friend, because we are closed! Of course you get rude people on the phone but in 4-5 min you are done with them vs 12 hour dealing with a rude needy patient and family at the bedside. The only regret I have is that I didn't leave bedside nursing sooner!
  15. No12S

    Specialty for introvert?

    I'm an introvert and have worked in the ER, Med Surg and hospice. I think hospice is the worst job for introverts, it's not that I don't care about people but it was just draining having to deal with other people's emotions. I now do telephone triage for a large teaching hospital and would highly recommend this for introverts. All your interaction is on the phone, you never come face to face with patients. It's the best job I have ever had! I do work in an office with 3 other nurses so that's about the worst part of it, of course you get rude people on the phone but in 3-4 min your done with them! Beats 12 hours of dealing with needy patients and family members!