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Hey there! I was accepted to the Lawrence Memorial/Regis College nursing program and will begin in the Fall of 2011. I just wanted to know if there are any other students on here that are currently in the program, have already graduated, or will be starting at the same time? I am super excited and can't wait to begin! I know it will be challenging but I am ready to take it on!!!! I would like to hear from anyone that has graduated and it working - anyone that is willing to share their experience!! Thanks!!!!


Are you in the day program or evening??

I'm finishing up pre-reqs now, My hope is for FA 2011 also. So God-willing maybe we'll be classmates!

Congrats again.

hey ehendricks80

congrats on getting accepted to regis! which program did you get into? i applied to the early decision dec. 6th deadline for the accelerated bsn/msn program for fall 2011 start. i am waiting, as patiently as possible, to hear from them hopefully soon!

if you did apply to the same program, if you don't mind my asking, what were your gpa/gre scores...curious to know if i'm at all a contender...

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Hi! Congrats on your acceptance!

I am going into my final semester at LM/RC in the evening division. It's been a long road but I'm so excited to almost be finished with school. The program is very time-intensive but I have managed to work full time throughout the program. Many students aren't able to do this, but my employer is flexible so I have been very lucky.

The instructors really care about your success. Don't be afraid to ask for help from any of them. After a few weeks of clinical and knowledge under your belt, you will start to feel a lot more confident. I remember the first week I was SO happy to be paired with another student in clinical because I couldn't imagine having to do vitals on a patient all by myself. The school has a fantastic pass rate on the NCLEX and a fantastic reputation, so as long as you give it your all, you will do well.


I also applied for fall 2011-day program and just recieved an email saying my application was complete and I will hear from them within six weeks! Really hoping to get in!! How did you get an acceptance so early?? The peace of mind in knowing you are all set must be so nice!

Has anyone taken Human Growth and Development in the evenings at Regis. I'm in that class right now and the instructor seems very intense and I'm nervous about the tests. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. By the way I'm also starting nursing in the fall of 2011.

Hi Everyone.

I applied to Lawrence Memorial for the Fall of 2011 in the second week of March. I was wondering how long it took for you aceptance letters? Thanks in advance.

JD have you gotten your acceptance letter yet?


I sent in my application in December, had an interview in February and got an acceptance letter in March! I still haven't put in my deposit yet, which I need to do ASAP but I am very excited to have gotten accepted!

Cool Ty for the timeframe and congrats on your acceptance!

I have also been accepted into the LM/RC program for the nights/weekends starting in the Fall 2011. I am very excited to begin and am just now working on my last pre-reqs. Just finished up Stats at Regis, A&PII and am taking my last prereq (Micro) this summer at a local CC. Anyone else out there in the night/weekend division of the program?? Looking for fellow classmates!!

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Good luck to everyone starting this program! I am graduating in two weeks and feel very prepared for NCLEX. The instructors in this program are FABULOUS!!

Hi SBoston,

Congrats on your graduation! I am starting classes there this fall for the day/ASN program. I was wondering if you went for ASN or BS? Also, if you went for the ASN are you staying at Regis for the accelerated BSN program? Thanks!

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