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LATTC FALL 2020/Spring 2021


Hello! I am starting this topic so we, who applied to LATTC, can keep each other informed. I have applied July 2 2018, and so far I have not started the program. When I went to go check where I was at on the waitlist, it looks like they only got to those who applied April/May 2018 for the cohort Fall 2020. That being said I believe I will be starting Spring 2021. Please comment any information you may have or when you applied šŸ™‚

Hi! I applied in the fall 2018. I believe at the last session they had. Have you heard any reviews about this schools program compared to other local ones?

I applied in March 2019. Not sure when I'll be starting but hopefully it's no later than Fall 2021 at this point!

I applied nov 2018, I will love to get in for Spring 2021 but I think it will be for fall 2021 because this year the waitlist is goin super slow.

It just me but not you guys get frustrated when your friends/family as you why you never finish? If they only knew how hard is to get in... so now I just tell them dropout school...

šŸ˜† @Lizesita2010 I can relate to that!!
I am not getting any younger! So now Iā€™m on the fence about nursing school. Thinking of changing my major completely and going to a university in the fall.


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Thank you Carlos for the thread. I applied in March 2019 and the last time I checked, I was three pages away.

There is no info right now cos of the Covid 19, but we got this!


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has anyone gotten acceptance letter for fall 2020?

No acceptance letter yet... I applied in July 2018. When did you apply?


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I applied September 2018.


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Hello I applied august 2019. I guess I still have long ways to go. Have emailed Angel just for any updates on waiting list but no lock on response.

Hey guys, I applied on nov 2018. I'm starting to think I might not be in until fall 2021 since there is a lot of us they didn't get to for fall 2020. I'm pretty sure not all of us are on allnurses so I'm assuming there is way more students waiting as well. I'm just tired of waiting for a small response from the lattc nursing team. They give no updates and communication is really bad. Either way I hope those of you applying to other schools during this time get in cause nursing school is so competitive. Stay healthy!


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Hello future nurses,

I went to lattc the other day but everywhere was closed down. I couldn't even make it through the gates. I am pretty sure they're not responding to their emails either. But, I will still continue to drop by whenever I can cos I live like 10 minutes away. I really wish at this crucial time they were updating students on their status.