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Last question on NCLEX

by Brizizle Brizizle (New) New

Hi quick question,

I just recently finished taking my nclex, and I am certain that I got the last question correct, and it shut off immediately after.

Does that increase my chance of passing?

Thanks in advance.

hmm, I have no idea. Im pretty sure I got the last question wrong for my own exam(all the answers looked correct and was hard to choose), so who knows. I really pray that it doesnt affect the result of my test!! The first time I took the NCLEX, i got the last question wrong and I failed...

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The test shuts off once the test determines whether the test taker receives the minimum passing it below passing; there's no "increasing" or "decreasing" chances in a CAT exam, with exception of how you answer the questions and where your are on the CAT adaptive scale.

So, you may have passed; only way to tell is to pay for quick results, or look for your name on the BON website, or look for a letter.

Here's some interesting news: The Pearson Vue site changed their format, so apparently the trick doesn't work anymore?

Anyone confirm this?

Scroll down a bit and you tell me. There are tons of "PVT trick deosnt work, it change, blah blah blah" threads

I talked to a few nurses that just recently took the exam in the past 2 weeks saying that it doesn't work anymore, I'm not saying it's true but would be interesting to know