Does anyone use laptops to take their notes in your classes? I've seen the posts about PDA's but wondered if laptops would be useful as well.

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Our instructors (at least the one's I've had so far) wouldn't allow laptops in class because of the added distraction and noise.

I do have a laptop but I only use it for papers, research, etc...not for note-taking. It would be nice though since I can hardly read my writing because my instructor talks so damn fast!


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At my school i used a laptop to take notes one semester. There were actually about 5 of us who had one. It was nice....but this past semester all the teachers gave us copies of their there was no real reason for me to bring it with me.

Anyway, so yah a laptop can be helpful. I like PDA's for clinical though.



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I use a laptop, mostly because I type much faster than I write by hand.

It's also handy because instead of flipping through pages, trying to remember where you wrote something down, you can search for key words/notes more easily.

Definitely helps with finals, where you're trying to find and review notes you took months ago.

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No I don't - only for home use - usually when typing out assignments (might explain why my handwriting has gone south too ;)). Never saw anyone using a laptop in class.

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I don't use my laptop in class, but it has still been a great tool :). I retype my notes, add page numbers and reference the material to study. The typing is like rewriting it reinforces it in your mind.

Other then that I study at Starbucks, school, the library, and IHOP when I need to get out of the house.

I can't imagine life without it.....

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We have a laptop program at our school where all students are given a laptop, with a small increase in fees each semester. In your freshman and sophomore year, you get a "loaner" which has been used by another student before, but your junior year you get a new one which you keep upon graduation! Nice huh! And these are quality computers too. So a lot of people do take notes on laptops in my classes, some teachers even encourage it. I have never noticed a problem with noise, but that is just me. It does not work for me because I prefer studying written notes and am a clumsy typist, but some students really prefer it. One problem I have noticed is students IM'ing each other or other friends during class instead of listening, but I guess that is their look out for learning the material!

(sorry for the long rambling post! :p )

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