University of Louisville, or Galen College of Nursing?

  1. U of L or Galen College of Nursing? Please advise!

    Hello, I will be moving to Louisville from Cincinnati in the next month or so. I am 33 and finally have the opportunity to go to school to become an RN! I have only heard/read poor things about Galen in Cincinnati, but I have no information regarding the staff/classes from the Louisville location. I know there is not a waiting list for Galen and their program is accelerated, and it's quite costly, but I'm more concerned about the education than the price. Also, I have taken English 101/102 at a community college in 1996, which exceeds the amount of time I can transfer the credits to Galen. Does anyone know if I can test out of English with that school? English is my forte, and I would rather test out of it, if that is an option.

    I don't really want to wait 4 years to get a BSN from UofL, but I will if it is a better program! I know Galen is affiliated with Norton Healthcare, which looks like a great place for employment. Can anyone who has further information about nursing programs in Louisville assist me? I really appreciate it - thank you!!
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  3. by   ♥heather♥
    I went to Galen in Louisville for my LPN.
    It is more expensive, but quick to get in and you don't have to do pre-reqs.
  4. by   XB9S
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  5. by   AsAnatomy
    Hello! That is a tough discussion to make. First, UofL is a BA program. Which really the only difference between an Assoc and a Bach depends on what you want to do with your nursing career (management, education, ect). You should really research the difference prior to making your decision. But salary wise there is maybe a $1 difference here in Louisville between a RN having a BA and AS IF you are a staff nurse. I personally am opting for the Assoc program and if later I want to further my career I will go to a school offering a bridge program.

    UofL has quite the waiting list and it is very competative to get into. Being born and raise in Louisville and being one the biggest Louisville Cardinal fans after researching and talking to UofL nursing students I didn't even give it a second thought. Not because I heard bad things but the requirements and time it would take me just wasn't what I wanted. I have looked into other colleges locally (Ballermine University and Jefferson Community College) and found that Galen was a better option for me. Simply, because of timing and also with me having a healthcare background I have met a lot of Galen students along the way. I want to immediately get into my career and not have the what if's of a waiting list. I just don't want to waste any time.

    When I visited Galen last year, I was so amazed by all the up-to-date technology they had. Bellarmine nor our Community College had classrooms so hands on. They actually have a maniquin (sp) that gives birth. Amazed me!

    Also, you meantion Norton's. It is an amazing place to work. And I believe they just recently received an award for "Best Place to Work". Their benefits are amazing compared to other hospitals in the area (insurance starts day 1 not day 91). And they are very involved with the community and they give you the option to be as well. I highly recommend them and I plan to return there once I finish my schooling.

    Another thing, since your credits for English are 13 years old now no KY college will transfer them in; unless they are under 10 years old. I'm sorry! I don't like Math myself but have to take it again. Oh I dread math.

    I am not a current Galen student but I am going this week to apply for the Winter quarter. I hope I helped a little. Good luck.
  6. by   BBFRN
    Just to clarify: U of L offers the BSN (bachelor of science in nursing).

    I would also recommend either one, depending on whether you want the ASN or BSN.

    The options you are exploring are all good ones. Kudos to you both!
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  7. by   libnat
    Does Galen do a bsn?

    I am working on my pre-reqs at uofl now and hope to apply to their nursing school by 2010. I know it is really competitive, 2.8 to apply and 3.1 and up for a good chance to get in.

    If I had the cash I'd go to Ballermine University but it's more than double. Private catholic school, didn't want to have to do bible classes either.
  8. by   VeggieGirl
    Thanks so much, ladies!! I really appreciate all your information. As it turns out, I was accepted to Spalding University - since I was going back to school, I wanted to get my 4 yr. degree and I really liked their program. Their admissions person - Leanne - was so helpful and extremely nice, and that school is really on top of things as far as admissions. It is a private Catholic university, so that doesn't appeal to everyone (cost, religion, etc) but I would highly recommend them. I wouldn't have to do four years there, because luckily, even though I've been out of school for 13 years, they will still transfer all credit hours taken as long as you have a C or above - so I lucked out there, since I did most of my pre-reqs already.

    However, now we aren't moving to Louisville! Boo! I'm so sad! I love Louisville and Norton Healthcare really seems like an awesome place to work (as stated by someone else in the thread!). I work full-time and support my boyfriend whom I live with (he lost his job in the fall, along with so many others we know ). He has decided to get his MBA in the fall (he just can't find a job - not here, not anywhere!) so nursing school has been put on hold for me at the moment.

    I will investigate Galen here in Cincinnati; however, I've read really poor reviews of the one here, but great reviews of the one in Louisville. Perhaps I can take some night classes at the Galen here. I'll just have to check out the school for myself.

    Thank you all for your responses!!
    Veggie Girl
  9. by   BBFRN
    Quote from libnat
    Does Galen do a bsn?

    I am working on my pre-reqs at uofl now and hope to apply to their nursing school by 2010. I know it is really competitive, 2.8 to apply and 3.1 and up for a good chance to get in.

    If I had the cash I'd go to Ballermine University but it's more than double. Private catholic school, didn't want to have to do bible classes either.
    Galen does not have a BSN- just the LPN and ASN. U of L is competitive, but you have a year to get your GPA up, if it's not high enough yet.
  10. by   libnat
    Well it was a 4.0 last semester but chem is kicking my butt and I don't see how I can pull an A in college algebra this summer, or statistics in the fall.

    I suspect I will fail chemistry which has put my plans in a tailspin. Thats 4 hours to take to replace next fall along with A&P 1 and statistics, 18 hours of hard classes. I don't know, I should work harder I guess. I can fail no more if I want to be done in time.
  11. by   sunnyvq
    DO not go to Galen, you will spend money for classes you do not need. NOTHING transfers from Galen to any other college. So once you get an ASN you are stuck. AND if you cannot pass 2 nursing courses, you are out of the program. LET me make this clear, some of the instructors ARE NOT experienced in teaching and MANY students have failed the program. The online classes are nothing but BUSY work, useless information that is just money in the school's pockets. Books are NOT covered in tuition. They don't relay this to you as you are signing up either. You MUST have a computer for the CSC class with MICROSOFT word, or you will fail this class. This class being the most ridiculous class ever and the instructor is absolutely unhelpful. She grades at graduate level and will tell you so, you pass it or fail it, this is on all of her assignments. No in-between...A or F. She describes the grading scale....unforgiving......
    Everyone is SUPER helpful when you are inquiring about signing up.....once your in...POOF....everyone disappears....
  12. by   sunnyvq
    Let me add too that, you will spend COUNTLESS hours on the computer doing busy work...please keep this in mind when thinking of Galen. It is the craziest amount of work for nothing.....ENDLESS BUSY WORK.....
  13. by   SJCarey
    Galen is ok, but like sunny said they care until youre registered then poof! Their credits do not transfer anywhere good, besides spaulding which is 750.00 a credit hr! Just crazy! I am about to graduate with my LPN but im going to JCC for RN. Galen is not accredited nationally. They will say theyre accredited but not by anyone who counts! Its very expensive for a college with lack of accreditation! Im in evening classes and it seems like they care more about day students! Would not recommend!

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