University of Kentucky Traditional BSN Program

  1. Is there anyone that has taken or is currently in the BSN program at the University of Kentucky? Im just curious because I will be attending there in the Spring for the traditional BSN program. Thanks!
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  3. by   NIBIE
    I would also love to know about this, have you already been admitted? I've applied for general admission to the university as a pre nursing student, however I am worried about the min GPA, and all that. I would be relocating for the program from California, so i kinda want to make sure I have a chance.
  4. by   RBauer8814
    Yes I got into the nursing program and I start in january. The program is split into two classes. My science gpa was a 3.7 so that means that the people who got into the fall had higher gpas than me. I'm also from california and I went to a jc for two years. I worked really hard to get good grades but I would definitely apply if I were you!
  5. by   NIBIE
    Do they base their admission decision alley on science GPA, the reason why I ask is When I was younger I went to school at HSU had too much fun and completed 1 year with a 2.76 and now last semester at the university of Montana I was taking the traditional nursing core curriculum and got. A 3.81. If they just looked at pre req GPA I would be beyond thrilled. Also any idea how many students they admit every year?
  6. by   NIBIE
    By the way congrats on getting in!
  7. by   RBauer8814
    For the students admitted I don't know the number but I know that the admittance has doubled because the program has gotten bigger so that's why when you apply and your accepted you'll either start in the fall or in the spring. Also for the gpa I know that your science gpa is really important and your prereq gpa is important and I think that's all they base it off of. And thanks! I am very excited and I will be touring the campus and nursing building next week to visit!
  8. by   NIBIE
    Very cool, I am finishing up sending in all past transcripts to UK as of now. hopefully, I will see you there in the spring.
  9. by   RBauer8814
    Gooodluck! I bet you'll get in you'll have to let me know when you get in!
  10. by   yhj777
    Hi! My name is John and I am starting at Univ of kentucky nursing school on spring 2016. I am a University of South Florida transfer and just wondering what to expect around campus (social life, part time job prospective etc. , as i currently work in a hospital as a medical supply distribution technician), good apartment recommendations, and military scholarship options? My background story is that I am a navy veteran (hospital corpsman), been a public health major, and my 4th time applying for nursing schools around and surprisingly been accepted into UKY nursing program! I been denied from usf nursing 3 times and been rejected from michigan, alabama, UF, and univ of texas. But UKY has been gracious enough to give me a chance to study at their upper division program! Any pointers on how to study and the previous questions are appreciated! Thanks! And go wildcats AND bulls! I dont know anyone or anything up there so any discussion or pointers are appreciated! And definitely what to expect from nursing school!
  11. by   yhj777
    Im starting spring too! im relocating from University of South Florida to Kentucky in spring! Nervous as heck!

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