Spencerian Louisville ADN program?

  1. Right now, I attend JCTC. Because I'm working my way up the developmental-math ladder, it's going to take me longer than normal to take and pass all of the pre-requisites for their nursing program. I just finished my first semester, and I'm going to take and pass the classes I'm enrolled in for next semester because JCTC is closer to me than any other school, and I depend on public transportation to get around.
    I'm going to have a car in about two months, so I'll be able to get around without worrying about the bus. I found Spencerian's ADN program, and after contacting them and getting more information, I found out that I'd be able to graduate in June 2012 from their nursing program as opposed to sometime in 2013 from JCTC. One thing that dissuades me from attending Spencerian is their tuition rates, and the other is that I've heard that they've been shut down in recent years by the KBN, and I don't know if they've been reinstated or if they've improved - or how employers view their graduates.

    I'm working on taking CNA classes so that I can get my foot in the door. At seventeen, I can take the CNA classes, I just can't work as one. My eventual goal is to earn a doctorate and become a nurse practitioner, but that goal is at the top of a very tall ladder that I've just barely touched.

    In case you decided to skip the bulk of it - and I couldn't blame you - I'm needing information about Spencerian's ADN nursing program from someone that isn't paid to tell me that it's amazing.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   ajwill824
    my sister went there for her LPN & is now taking her RN classes online at spencerian. she likes it but its tough. i am going to go to jcc or galen but the only thing you have to remember is that if you plan to go further i.e. NP then you want to make sure that your credits will transfer. at jcc they definitely will buy i'm not sure about spencerian. i know galen won't. also i believe that starting in 2015 to be a NP you will have to have your doctorate. good luck.
  4. by   shelbee1084
    I am a current LPN student at spencerian and I have no complaints about the school. I received my associates degree there a few years back in medical coding and decided to come back there for nursing because I enjoyed my experience. as far as getting shut down, that was a few years back and they weren't actually shut down. the rn program just had some changes they needed to make with the KBN. the rn program is on a partial approval or whatever its called, but galen's RN program is also. they recently had the same probelms that spencerian had. spencerian's rn program is only twelve months after you finish the LPN program. galen's is like a year and a half I think. it is expensive compared to jcc but the total cost includes EVERYTHING. i havent had to pay anything out of pocket. good luck!
  5. by   JJRenee
    Hi Shelbee1084,

    I am scheduled to begin the Spencerian LPN program on March 29th. It sounds like you give the program good reviews....I just wanted to see if you had any advice to give that could help me. I also hope to get my RN and my only fear is about credits that will not transfer. How are the clinicals? Do you think this program is preparing you well for when you begin work?
  6. by   its_greg
    Hey, my name is Greg. I'm considering attendance in the LPN program that Spencerian College offers at the end of June. Can you e-mail me when you get a chance? I would like to ask you a few questions since you have actually been in the program. Everytime I meet with an admissions counselor, they just feed me full of crap. Thanks for your time! See ya.

    PS - My email address is its_greg@hotmail.com
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    hey, im not sure if i sent you a message or if i accidentally sent someone else one lol. anyway, this was meant to go to you...

    " hey, my name is greg. i'm considering attendance in the lpn program that spencerian college offers at the end of june. can you e-mail me when you get a chance? i would like to ask you a few questions since you have actually been in the program. everytime i meet with an admissions counselor, they just feed me full of crap. thanks for your time! see ya.

    ps - my email address is its_greg@hotmail.com "

    sory about that, thanks!
  8. by   shelbee1084
    hey I dont think I got your email right so just email me whatever you wanna know. shelbee1084@yahoo.com the rn program as of right now is on probation due to pass rates. its gonna be like that until at least january I would assume. they are suppose to be getting a lawyer to get it overturned. that means that they arent admitting any new students for the rn program right now, but the lpn program is on full approval and has been for a long time. if you start the lpn program in june, then i'm sure the rn program will be fine by the time you start it.

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