PDA's used at BCTC?

  1. I'm starting the PN program at BCTC-Leestown campus. I was wondering if anyone goes there and if they use a PDA? It seems like putting your books on PDA would be easier than lugging around all of them. What do you do? If you do use a PDA, do they have a certain one they like you to use?
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  3. by   Snowii
    I have an Iphone which apparently is the norm at UK. I've seen a lot of people with blackberrys though. The iphone has some nursing apps you can buy and download and if you have an online textbook you can access it from the web with the wireless on campus.

    I have this program on my phone that I put an abbreviation it tells me what the hell my A and P teacher is talking about lol. She looooooves abbreviations. This app is cool because if you just google them you get alot of non-medical related results and this kind of narrows it down. But I guess webmd could do the same thing. Anyway.

    Some people have books and flashcards on their iphones too.