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  1. Does anyone know anything about Murray State's nursing program? Is it hard to get in to (I will be a transfer student)? Does it start your sophomore year or junior year?
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  3. by   SHW129
    There has got to be some students or nurses out there that went to Murray. Please post to this. I would like to know any info on Murray's program also.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. by   bradleyshanetaylor
    I did not go to Murray, but I work at Lourdes, and a bunch of my co-workers are Murray grads. I belive by listening to them all you start your soph year. Then its a 3 years and you ahve your bsn.
  5. by   KYSRNA2014
    From what I understand, they accept 30 students per semester (fall, spring). You have to take the teas test and have all of the required pre-reqs completed (30 hours + min 2.5 GPA) AFAIK, they look at your GPA and an interview for admission.
  6. by   LongCredentialList
    I recently graduated from Murray. (1) Yes, it is very hard for most people to get into the program. I was accepted the first time I applied, but I had a 4.0 GPA with a BS in Chemistry. I know some people who apply for 3 years and still not get accepted. It is highly recommended that you have at least a 3.5 GPA and have experience in health care. The minimum GPA says 2.5 but you are competing against 100 other students with a GPA > 3.5 for a program that only accepts 40 ppl a semester. This is a very difficult program to pass, and the faculty just redisgned the curriculum to make it harder. They do this in order to retain their 100% NCLEX pass rate. (2) The actual nursing classes start your Sophmore year. . Click on curriculum and it will list what classes are taken. They just implented this new TEAS testing. It's supposed to be like a "common-sense" and ACT-like computer test.

    With all of that said, the program is the BEST! The faculty is wonderful. The education is one of the best is the country. They just constructed a new simulation lab with 2 Robotic Simulation Patients that are controlled via computer by the professor. You will NOT have a social life outside of nursing for the 3 years in the program. You will spend countless hours studying and long sleep-deprived nights writing 50+ page careplans. But IF you pass, you will be the most prepared graduate RN BSN in the field. Just ask if you have any other questions!
  7. by   nursinadream
    Longcredentials, Congrats on your graduation. Where are you working?
  8. by   LongCredentialList
    I work in SICU at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Are u a graduate of MSU?
  9. by   nursinadream
    No I did not attend MSU (where I'm from that is Michigan State - it took me a minute ). So you didn't stay in KY?
  10. by   LongCredentialList
    No, I did the Summer III program while I was in school and absolutely fell in love with the institution. Plus, I had no strings attached to KY.

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