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  1. bradleyshanetaylor

    Just dx with avascular necrosis

    Well I'm 30. Pain for last 18 months. Finally went to doctor and I have avn with collapse. They are talking thr. I'm young and don't want this, but from what I have read and researched, thr is the way to go. My question for you ortho nurses is...what have you all scene? Quick recovery? I know my Crossfit days are over, or not?? Should I push it off as long as possible? About to start np school, and my ICU experience we didn't do a lot of hips. Especially on 30 yo. Just little shocked still that after losing 40 lbs over last 2 years I get hit with this. Thanks for advice in advance
  2. I will be starting in March
  3. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    I was accepted to Walden. But people either praise them or say they are a bad school. To me you need a good school, but at the graduate level, it will be how much you really want to put in it and how good a practitioner you want to be. I also have a bad taste in my mouth. It took days to get a response with any questions I have had since I applied. Then I receive the wait list email, I send a response and ask a few questions, it no response for the entire day. So we will see if I get a response on Monday. I am with you parteegirl3. For 100 bucks they could at least set a time line and go by it. Plus response to everyone request. If it is true they get over 100 apps per each class, then they take in around 100k just in application fees a year.
  4. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    Nrandl1. Did you know what number on wait list you were. I am on it. I emailed them to no response all day. I did get accepted to another program today. So I have choices. But frontier was at top of list.
  5. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    I was placed on wait list. No clue what number I am.
  6. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    I emailed (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) and asked when we should hear anything since my dept. is working on our schedule that goes from Thanksgiving to Christmas. She emailed me back yesterday and informed me it could be up to 3 weeks before we hear anything. Bound date is going to fall into that time period. Thank god my boss and co-workers like me for now. We are working on 2 different schedules. One if I get accepted and have to be off for Bound, and one if i dont get accepted. Good luck everyone.
  7. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    Someone posted in class 132 message that they received email that this Friday they will start to receive acceptance notices. So I say we should start to hear next week or the week after. Which is right on time frame of 6 to 8 weeks before bound.
  8. bradleyshanetaylor

    Mckendree University - BSN progam??

    Sorry just getting back to you John. The course work is not as intense as ADN education. The hardest part is the papers you have to write. Mckendree makes them ahve a major paper in every class. You will be fine with research I took it after having statistics abour 3 years before. I have took atleast 2 classes every semester except over the summer and it is very managable. I normally can spend half to a full day during everything that I need or maybe less for class. I had martha mcdonald as a teacher for first year and she is awsome if you have something personal going on or work load you just have to talk to her about it all. If you have any more questions just send me an email at grubby98@hotmail.com I am able to respond sooner through email.
  9. bradleyshanetaylor

    Calling all Paducah, KY Nurses!

    At lourdes we have lost 3 nurses to CRNA school in the last year. Their are currently 3 of us that are getting classes together and apps together to apply to CRNA school. We do lots of open hearts. Currently we did as many open hearts as WBH did the last year. We have only 1 heart surgeon they have 3. We are gaining one this month, he is in town but hasnt started cutting yet. Will be glad to see you when you make your way through for rounds and yes we do hire new grads.
  10. bradleyshanetaylor

    Calling all Paducah, KY Nurses!

    ICU is def a fun place but very stressful too to work. glad to see you all come through one day. Only advice I like to tell people is find someone that has been a nurse for years and use them as a crutch when your having a bad day and just need to run something by them. I was fortunate and had an aunt and grandmother to call during those crappy times in school. They always seemed to find a way to talk me through whatever it was.
  11. bradleyshanetaylor

    Hospitals in Southern Illinois - I need your opinions

    I am born and raised in Vienna, IL. just about 20 miles south of Carbondale. Marion, I WOULD NOT WORK THERE, that place just has an evil spirit. We had awful clinic rotations there during school. If I worked at any of them I would choose 1 Carbondale due to their sevices of more medical treatment with surg and other things, then I would choose Herrin. Herrin is building and building, they at one time were trying to find a heart surgeon. If you dont mind living in the middle of where you work and your wifes job in carbondale you then can open yourself up to another half dozen hospitals. Where i live paducah ky is 30 minutes away and has 2 awsome hospitals that offers everything except transplant services. If you live in anna, then it is a 20 min drive to carbondale and then you could drive 35 miuntes to cap which has 2 awsome hospitals as well. if you have any more questions jsut email me at grubby98@hotmail.com and I can give you more information, I have rounded at just about every hospital in southern ill western ky and southest mo.
  12. bradleyshanetaylor

    Mckendree University - BSN progam??

    Great program, I attend classes in very southern IL. Love it so far only 1 year to go and all the teachers are awsome. The online classes are pretty good too.
  13. bradleyshanetaylor

    Calling all Paducah, KY Nurses!

    Hello! I work at Lourdes in the ICU. Nice to see all of you applying and workign for your ADN. Good luck to those of you in the applying process, and hang in there to those that are currently in nursing school. It will all be worth it in the end. I hope to see you all when you make your rounds through the ICU and hopefully come work with us, I cant be missed, I am the only guy on day shift.
  14. bradleyshanetaylor

    Murray States University - BSN program

    I did not go to Murray, but I work at Lourdes, and a bunch of my co-workers are Murray grads. I belive by listening to them all you start your soph year. Then its a 3 years and you ahve your bsn.
  15. bradleyshanetaylor

    extra shifts....how does your hospital make it worth your time?

    My hospital just recently took our bonus away due to the economic times. So nobody works any ot anymore. But they used to give us 125 bonus everytime you picked up an ot shift. it was nice cuz that was a 10 dollar an hour over your reg pay with ot.
  16. bradleyshanetaylor

    what RN/ADN to CRNA programs are available?

    i have never heard of this. but would be very interested. i do believe a few years ago, and im sure somoene on here can tell us, but all you had to have was just a rn to go to crna. im thinking like 20 years ago.