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  1. bradleyshanetaylor

    Just dx with avascular necrosis

    Well I'm 30. Pain for last 18 months. Finally went to doctor and I have avn with collapse. They are talking thr. I'm young and don't want this, but from what I have read and researched, thr is the way to go. My question for you ortho nurses is...what have you all scene? Quick recovery? I know my Crossfit days are over, or not?? Should I push it off as long as possible? About to start np school, and my ICU experience we didn't do a lot of hips. Especially on 30 yo. Just little shocked still that after losing 40 lbs over last 2 years I get hit with this. Thanks for advice in advance
  2. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    I was accepted to Walden. But people either praise them or say they are a bad school. To me you need a good school, but at the graduate level, it will be how much you really want to put in it and how good a practitioner you want to be. I also have a bad taste in my mouth. It took days to get a response with any questions I have had since I applied. Then I receive the wait list email, I send a response and ask a few questions, it no response for the entire day. So we will see if I get a response on Monday. I am with you parteegirl3. For 100 bucks they could at least set a time line and go by it. Plus response to everyone request. If it is true they get over 100 apps per each class, then they take in around 100k just in application fees a year.
  3. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    Nrandl1. Did you know what number on wait list you were. I am on it. I emailed them to no response all day. I did get accepted to another program today. So I have choices. But frontier was at top of list.
  4. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    I was placed on wait list. No clue what number I am.
  5. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    I emailed (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) and asked when we should hear anything since my dept. is working on our schedule that goes from Thanksgiving to Christmas. She emailed me back yesterday and informed me it could be up to 3 weeks before we hear anything. Bound date is going to fall into that time period. Thank god my boss and co-workers like me for now. We are working on 2 different schedules. One if I get accepted and have to be off for Bound, and one if i dont get accepted. Good luck everyone.
  6. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    Someone posted in class 132 message that they received email that this Friday they will start to receive acceptance notices. So I say we should start to hear next week or the week after. Which is right on time frame of 6 to 8 weeks before bound.
  7. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Nursing University Class 132

    Well that means 133 shouldn't be far behind. I was hoping 133 would find out middle of September, but looking like October. Good Luck. Once you find out I will be starting to get nervous.
  8. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    Its 6-8 weeks before Bound Date. They sent me an email to confirm they received all of my application materials and informed me of this. We should start to hear soon. Hopefully end of September, but more than likely sometime in October.
  9. bradleyshanetaylor

    What's staffing like at your facility?

    I work at a VA facility. ICU is 2:1. Med/Surg is ideal 5:1 RN and 5:1 LPN/NA. That means for every 5 patients they have 1 RN and 1 LPN or NA on a team. Half the time they might have 6 pts to a team, and very rare they have 7 togther. That includes a free charge, and 2 ward clerks. They only average about 25 patients on the ward for a normal day. So thats 12-13 staff for 25 patients, CRAZY from what I was used to before coming to VA. I came from a facility on a ward of 30 patients would have 4 RNs, 2 NAs and a ward clerk. ICU you always had 2 patients and over half the time had 3. The staff was happy to have that most days. I would get floated many days with just 4 RNs and 1 aid with 1 ward clerk on a unit. You ran all day and felt like you never got anything done.
  10. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Class 133

    I cant find that. I have applied for that class as well as a girl I went to ADN school with. We both are curious. She has looked on FB and I have been on there website looking.
  11. bradleyshanetaylor

    Any Frontier Nursing class 134 FNP applicants

    I put my app in for class 133. Hope to hear something next month. I'm sure it will be more towards October though. Fine with me, but all my eggs are in one basket. Sloppy adn grades. But knocked it out in bsn classes
  12. bradleyshanetaylor

    Frontier Nursing University Class 132

    Good Luck. I was hoping they would get to you all faster. You are the bridge program. I applied to the DNP program class 133. Hope you all start to hear soon, but wont happen now till probly mid to late septmber because of the new deadline. I was hoping to hear somethign in Septmeber for my class, but know I will just assume it will come in October. Praying for patience.
  13. bradleyshanetaylor

    38y/o male nurse?

    When I went to nursing school out of high school, my class had 30ish students. It was at a small junior college that was well known for its nursing program. Of those 30, i think less than 10 were younger than 30. I would say over half were over 35. So apply and enjoy the journey.
  14. bradleyshanetaylor

    Wearing scrubs to a funeral?

    Have scene nurses do it all the time. Specially in my home town when residents at local nursing home passes. The facility lets nurses pick up overtime shift to cover everyone to come to funeral home to pay respect and they all wear there scrubs.
  15. bradleyshanetaylor

    va outpatient clinc

    I am a nursing supervisor, NOD, at a VA. What caliboy760 stated is mostly the job details. Thats low pay. In my area some of the CBOC nurses that have BSN and a few years experience in clinic make around 30.00 hour. They are nurse II. Once you start, start looking into getting a BSN degree. Once ompleted, look at a nurse II job description that your vision has set and try to meet all those goals. Once meet, you will be looking at a very nice pay raise.