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  1. I currently attend Galen in St. Pete, I graduate in Nov. and will be moving to KY immediately after. Is the clinical hours that are included in school considered sufficient for the 120 provisional hours required by KY board of nursing?
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  3. by   afox3
    No they do not count for your provisional license. I am a Louisville Ky Galen Graduate.
  4. by   Lpn1109
    Thanks for the info.
  5. by   Lpn1109
    How difficult is it to find employment for the provisional hours in KY? It seems like every ad I see wants experience of a year or more. Any suggestions on where I might look?
  6. by   gabriella86
    If I plan on going straight into the RN program at Galen after I finish the LPN program, I don't have to sit for boards/do provisional hrs right? I am not planning on working while in the RN program.
  7. by   Carrie_D
    I believe that an LPN license is required for the RN program, but I'm not 100% sure. If so, you would need the 120 hours in order to receive the LPN license.
  8. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    The Galen Handbooks states that if you are a Galen Student in the LPN program and apply for the RN program 3 months in advance you do not have to have your LPN license in order to be in the program. If you do not meet the deadline, or are a transfer student from another school then you much have your LPN License.

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