If you're a nursing home unit manager, what's your salary?

  1. Hey everyone, I'm a nursing home unit manager and am making about 19.50/hr. My administrator is trying to find out salaries or hourly rates of what some other unit managers are in the region. I am in the Bluegrass, Eastern Ky region. About 50 miles south of Lexington on I-75. Anyway, he is trying to get some comparisons to go by to see how much of a raise we might get...Yea! Any replies will be much appreciated.
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  3. by   NurseAnnie85
    this is my first role as a unit manager, i've been a charge nurse before and i have been a nurse since 2005, i've been unit manager a month now and make 19.25 which to me is a pay cut b/c i'm used to the money i made in hospice...but i'm happier so i'm can trade off, also an lpn, are you an rn or lpn?
  4. by   fonmc56
    I am an LPN worked as a Unit Manager in the Cincinnati area for several years, my last salary in 2005 (when I decided to get out of management)
  5. by   escott520
    I live in tucson, Az I am a unit manager my hourly rate is $30.75
  6. by   RNKatrinaK
    I am in Knoxville TN - was just offered $26.50 hr. I am an RN