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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter,... Read More

  1. by   1stLayDrn2b
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I TOLD YOU, YOU WERE IN!!!! Don't worry about the orientation. I'm sure you can let them know at your financial aid appt. And besides, you know you can count on us to fill you in on what you need to know. Nobody is going to fall by the wayside I told you, getting that letter was going to open up a whole new venue of questions!! But, the hard part is over(waiting). I believe that's everybody that was waiting, isn't it?

    WE'RE INNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   krltdy
    Yay!!! Finally Lasdrs07! Congrats, I know you must be soooo relieved!
  3. by   michelleb72
    WE TOLD YOU LASDRS!!!!!! Ok, I so love these smilies! The only bummer here is I am the only one attending nights It's ok though we all have the same goal!

    Hey preemiemama that's a great idea we should all try to meet up for dinner sometime. How cool would it be for all of us to meet. I am sure we are all full of excitement and anxiety at the same time.*wine

    So, I think everyone on this thread has gotten their acceptance letters now on to the fun stuff. I have my financial aid appt on Thursday. If all goes well with that I will concentrate on the medical stuff that we need to have done.

    Is anyone taking the cpr class that Galen is giving? I registered for it today.
  4. by   lasdrs07
    Yes, I think I am the last one who was waiting on their letter! I'm so glad we're all in!!! You guys have no idea how relieved I am!!! Are we supposed to bring anything with us to our financial aid appointments? Also, michelleb, I plan on taking the CPR course given by Galen. I will have to attend the one on Tuesday, July 21st. How did you register for it??
  5. by   lasdrs07
    I forgot to tell you all thank you for the congrats!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!
  6. by   michelleb72
    Look in your acceptance packet there are 2 forms that you need to send back. The one saying you will be attending the start date that was offered to you and there is also one for the cpr registration. I faxed both of mine in today. The financial aid packet tells you what you need to take for the appt. 2008 tax return and w-2's, there is a stafford form you have to fill out and submit online, etc.
  7. by   lasdrs07
    Thank you michelle! I obviously haven't read all the way through my packet yet...haha! Oh yeah, I also agree that we should all meet before classes start and have dinner or something! That would be nice!
  8. by   Lpntxn1
    Lasdrs07!!! YIPPIE I AYYYY!!!!
    I am soooo happy for u!!
    Yes, I am gonna do the cpr class at Galen, and I had no idea that I had to sign up for it!! This group is so Helpful!!
    I really like you gals!
    Keep posting.... Thanks to everyone for all the help.
  9. by   michelleb72
    Hey lasdrs double check that cpr date I have it down for Wednesday July 22, 5-9pm. It may be because I am doing nights (probably is).

    Ok everyone, now that we know we have been accepted (lasdrs you had us all holding our breath since you were the last one ) I say we have a celebration dinner. I am not sure of everyone's schedules but a Saturday afternoon / evening would work for me.
  10. by   krltdy
    Saturday afternoon would work for me too. May need a little advance notice (a week or so) b/c we go to the lake a lot on the weekends. Anyone have any suggestions where to meet? We would also need a way to identify ourselves. We could name the table Galen, so they could take us to it when we got there. Anyone have any suggestions where to meet? I'm okay with anything beside Whitecastle!
  11. by   lasdrs07
    Thank you acorne!! I am so relieved!! Michelleb, I double checked and the CPR class is July 21st from 10-2. It must just be different for day and night classes. I agree that we all need to meet for dinner to celebrate and get to know one another! I'm so excited to meet you all!!
  12. by   krltdy
    What about Mike Linnig's?
  13. by   michelleb72
    That sounds good preemiemama. How about we all try something for next Saturday (June 6th) maybe around 5. Hey everyone post what is good for you!

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