Bluegrass Community and Tech College RN Students Scrubs

  1. Does anyone know what color scrubs the ADN RN students wear for the BCTCS program?
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  3. by   miss_V
    I too have been wondering this as I was just accepted into the BCTC ADN program. I spoke with a lady in the Nursing quad the other day and she wasn't sure exactly which ones they were, but that they were royal blue. I wouldn't buy any quite yet because apparently they are a specific brand and color. I asked her which ones but she didn't know
  4. by   RN_2012
    Thanks. I have two pairs of royal blue from the CNA program...So hopefully they will do. What campus are you going to? I am going to Lawrenceburg.

  5. by   miss_V
    Cooper...Have you been able to register for your nursing classes??? I have already had my hold lifted but have yet been able on peoplesoft to register for NR 115, I think I may need to go see a nursing advisor too.
  6. by   RN_2012
    Not yet. I spoke to admissions and was told to give it a day or so from when I turned in my papers for the hold for the actual rn classes to be lifted by Nathan.
  7. by   LuckyinKY
    Glad to see more BCTC students here. I am currently an alternate, but number 8, so crossing my fingers that enough people don't go. I am trying to get everything lined up.

    Does anyone know if we need a PDA, or if we can use an Iphone for nursing apps?
  8. by   RN_2012
    I want an excuse to get an I currently have a Sumsung Propel Pro which is a PDA.. What campus program are you on the wait list for? I hope you get in.
  9. by   LuckyinKY
    I am going for Cooper. I work at the VA now, so I wanted to be able to walk back and forth. Lawrenceburg is just too far for me to drive, I wish they would start an evening program here in Lexington.
  10. by   KYRNCA
    I graduated from there last may and it is the Royal Blue.
  11. by   miss_V
    bgexotics...are you working at the VA as a CNA or LPN??? I too am doing the cooper program and I am hoping to get a job at the VA after my RN. Currently I've got my CNA and I know that Thompson Hood hires CNA's but does the VA hospital here in lexington hire them as well???
  12. by   LuckyinKY
    No I work in research. It is great because my hours are flexible and I can study while I work.
  13. by   miss_V
    bg exotics...I do know that we are going to be required to either have an iphone or an ipod touch for one of the books. I asked one of the nursing advisers if we could use another pda such as a blackberry, etc, but it much be either an iphone or ipod touch
  14. by   miss_V

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