Applied for position at The Ridge, in Lexington

  1. Today I interviewed for a position at Ridge Behavioral Health, in Lexington. This is a facility with about an 8 percent OVERALL turnover rate, but some new jobs have been created. I'm crossing my fingers! =)

    A little background info: I'm currently a Med-Surge Nurse at Frankfort Regional Med. Center, but am looking at becoming a psychiatric nurse, preferrably working with children and adolescents. I've been a nurse for one year but was a nurse's aide for four years before graduating.

    Also... I posted a few weeks ago about Eastern State... was trying to find out if anyone had worked there, and if so, what it was like to work there. I've heard good and bad things about the place; more bad than good, really. Mostly what I've heard is that the patients are VERY VERY ill; many violent patients... and also I've heard about how scary the BUILDING is. Eastern State is, I believe, the oldest psychiatric hospital in the country.

    Well, today I drove by the place while in Lexington. WOW. The general appearance of the outside of the buildings, will be etched in my mind for a while. Just a VERY SCARY looking place, and this was in the DAYTIME. Very old, very PRISON like, lots of trees surrounding and half-hiding the place... just a very dark aura that surrounds the whole place. Plus, it's in the WORST neighborhood in Lexington, so that's another strike against it.

    Wow... and the funny thing is, I'd actually still consider working there if I had a good offer, for perhaps a daytime shift job that paid good. I don't think I would work there at night!

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    [font=lucida sans unicode][font=lucida sans unicode]good luck, hope it works out!