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Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2017


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I was told yesterday that they won't be sending out any letter until April.

In the past they've sent them the week of spring break for KSU

But don't they send out e-mails with your decision before the physical letter?

They don't send out physical letters anymore

So the email is the only notification you will get. Depending on which emails you put on the application, they will send an email to your ksu school email and your personal email as well

Awe, well that's unfortunate... I have to give another school I got accepted to a deposit to secure my seat by April 1st, so I'll have to pay that if they don't send them out earlier :(. Why is Kennesaw so slow to give decisions?!

I had a friend who had to pay like $100 to Emory to secure her seat but backed out when she was accepted into ksu. But ksu does have a ridiculous amount of applicants. Perhaps they do look more into grades and scores, otherwise it would be simple and fast

That is what I'm thinking (which is actually concerning considering we only submit our stats, but some people with good stats don't get in). However, I also applied to Emory and got in there, but they also had over 1000 applicants this cycle, and I had to send more information to them than I had to send to Kennesaw... I truly don't understand Kennesaw's application/review/decision process, and they aren't very transparent about it either.

Hey Everyone, I'm new to the site, but just wanted to let you know that KSU are sending out emails today. Got mines this morning, unfortunately I was denied. But good luck to everyone else.

oh my goodness I am so sorry :( I have been there before and its so difficult. my boyfriend bought me 2 pints of Ben and Jerrys and I went through it in a day and a half.

I'm so sorry! I've been there before, but don't worry you can always try again!

Has anyone else received any news?

not yet but if theyre doing it like how they did last semester, it'll be in waves. I knew I didn't get in (ended up being waitlisted) because the acceptance emails were sent around the same time, following the waitlist and eventually the denial emails.

Ugh! Now I'm freaking out, I've checked my email like 100 times!

Oh my goodness I don't know if I could wait another week or longer to hear!!! My personal email isn't even working so I'm hoping it'll for sure come to my KSU email as well!

Im thinking it might take longer to send them all out because there is considerably more applicants for fall than spring so they could drag it out for a while...

the email comes to your KSU email first and then personal email later

Thanks for the info. Phew. Just have to take a breather and focus on my other school work!

Has anyone heard any news? I havent received anything and havent heard of any other emails going out