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Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2017


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Hello all! I have also applied for Fall 2017.

My stats are as follows:

Overall GPA: 3.73

5/7: 4.0

7/12: 4.0

TEAS: 82.3

Super nervous waiting so long for the news!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm applying for the accelerated program for Fall '17! I'm so excited but crazy nervous! Does anyone know when we should be hearing something?

My stats are:

Overall GPA: 3.4

Science: all As

Prereqs: All A's one B

TEAS: 92.7%

Great to meet all of you!

It seems as though last year notices started appearing around March 24 in previous threads. I'm hoping it won't be much later than that. Best of luck to you!

Has anyone heard of people getting in with very low TEAS scores? I am asking because I have two friends who both scored in the 60-70 range. Other than the TEAS, they have all their pre reqs done and have a nearly 4.0 GPA. I am really hoping they get in, because they deserve it far more than most other applicants I know. English is not their first language, so they struggled on that portion of their TEAS test. If anyone has heard of people getting in despite a low TEAS, please let me know. Below are my stats and I hope we all get accepted.

GPA: 3.78

5/7: 4.0

7/12: 4.0

TEAS: 87

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Decisions should be received around the end of March (similar to last year) as far as the advising department knows. With respect to prereqs still in progress, more information should be made available to us when we receive our decision letter as to when/how to update them on our progress.

1400 views, 22 comment..hmmm. Hope its just 22 people that applied to KSU? Then I do not have to worry about competitive scores. LOL

I applied for fall 2017

Science gpa 4.0

and my other courses they require: I have one B

My brain is fried from multiple applications, So I wont be calculating.

TEAS: 81.3 - ran out of time in the reading section.

I am also applying to emory ( they waived my TEAS) and GSU.

Everyone's stats look awesome! I wish I took the TEAS a second time but their (KSU) deadline came to quickly for me.

Just confirming that late March is when we should hear decisions. I emailed back and forth this afternoon with the person responsible for going through the applications.

there is no guarantee that march is when we will hear back. when i applied for spring, we were told august and didn't actually hear back until october. they will probably be more pushed for a deadline because students have to register, but there is no 100% guarantee ever for kennesaw...

Crossing my fingers we hear something this week!!! Good luck everyone (: All this waiting is killing me, but I'm trying to stay positive!

I actually woke up this morning thinking the same thing!!!

Was hoping the same thing!! Has anyone heard anything about the time frame yet?

I was told late March-early April

That's what I was told just last week as well.

I can't even explain the anxiety this dang program has given me.

Agreed!! I just want some peace of mind one way or another, so I can plan out my next move. Are any of you planning on moving closer to kennesaw if you get in? I currently live in North Decatur and would make the commute from there for at least 2 and a half months until our lease runs out. I'm hoping it's manageable because my boyfriend works in South Decatur so he won't want a super long commute either.

I live in woodstock now so no. But I would hate to have such a long commute every day!

I spent anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half in traffic one way to

school every day from the age of six until 20 so luckily it won't be anything new, but with long days it's definitely not going to be fun! Hopefully I can fall into a routine once school starts ��