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:redpinkheHi Everyone -

IO am taking the NCLEX test on Friday and I'm freaking out. I have two questions for ANYONE willing to help me! I need some reasurrance and advice!

My Q Trainer scores were:

Q Trainer 6 67$

Q Trainer 7 59%

Readiness Test 66%

Do you think I Am ready? Anyone else have these scores and pass?

Also, what should I do from now (Tuesday) until Friday, the day of the testt?

Any help/advice/war stories appreciated!!! THANK YOU!!!!:bugeyes:


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I remember scoring in the 60-65% range on kaplan exams 4-7, took the nclex once and passed....

With the exam so close, I would resist the urge to cram insanely... instead maybe breeze over one or two areas that the exams identified you were weakest in just to boost your confidence in those areas. If you're scoring in the 60+ range, you seem to be on target for nclex success... as long as you're in the same mindset as when you took the practice exams. Get a full night sleep, eat breakfast, and don't panic (ie don't dwell on how poorly you 'think' you're doing... don't forget there are ungraded practice questions!)

Best of luck!


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As long as you're getting around 60% for QTrainers 6 and 7, I'm sure you'll do fine. I also suggest you MEMORIZE the infection control precautions in the Kaplan book....and yes, including the ones about bioterrorism.

I took my NCLEX last Friday and passed. =)

Good luck to you!


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Thank you!!! I will take your advice...what was the test like? Do you get something to write on? What if you want to take a break,etc? IS the computer test anything like Kaplan?


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Thank you!!! I will take your advice...what was the test like? Do you get something to write on? What if you want to take a break,etc? IS the computer test anything like Kaplan?

I was given one or two pieces of scrap paper (that get handed back in of course).

You can take a break....but the clock on the exam doesn't stop.

I actually found the NCLEX to be quite similar to the Kaplan exam. Of course, there was a little more pressure, and dealing with the distraction of other people coughing up a lung during the exam :)

If you've put the time in to do all 7 kaplan exams plus the readiness exam, it seems that you should be well-prepared for the style of the nclex.


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You will do fine. I was getting those scores on Kaplan. The test felt like a kaplan test. When I walked out, i felt like an absolute failure. I really had not idea of most of the answers. I did try my best to apply the kaplan strategies and I believe that is what helped me pass. Stay focused. Just do your best. Good Luck!


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Trust yourself and your preparation.

When you get to the NCLEX, be prepared for thinking that you don't know the answer to any question. That's pretty much how many people feel while they're taking it.

If you find at some time you're not concentrating on the question in front of you--like worrying about whether you got the last one wrong--stop, take a deep breath, think for a few seconds of something/someone you like, or take a break if you really need it.

The beginning of the old Rudyard Kippling poem helps:

If you can keep your head when all about are losing theirs..................

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You will get a white board and pen which has to be handed in when you leave

There are a few threads discussing Kaplan scores check them out. Would also recommend the day before your exam is a day of from studying allowing your brain to rest up

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