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I finished the qbank and my average was 69%. I took the diagnostic test and my score was 82%. I am going to be taking the question trainers today. My test is scheduled for Wednesday, but I am still really nervous. I really don't want to postpone it because that will just increase my anxiety. Does anyone know the score you should have for the diagnostic exam? I have been studying whenever I can. I have been off work the last 5 days and have been reviewing all the online content videos and I have reviewed all the rationales for questions missed on qbank. :bugeyes:

I took Kaplan too and just passed the NCLEX-RN last week with 75 questions. I think the Qbank questions were the best!! You really learn a lot. Your diagnostic score was really high. That's great. Don't postpone that test. You know more than you think you do! Good luck. Keep us posted.


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Be careful not to overstudy just before the test - take a day off to clear your head. Also, be prepared to walk out feeling like you failed - but don't freak out! I felt completely prepared (did all the Kaplan), but then felt like a total failure during the test. Remember, you are getting about 50% of the questions wrong, and it's hard to feel like a success under those circumstances. Don't worry, you will pass!

I am just doing questions. I really didn't have the luxury of not studying the day before the test because I have to work full-time, 2 kids who are extremely demanding, and a husband who is lazy, so I had to study today and just a little tomorrow. I am doing good on the question trainers, so far 68% on the QT1 and 70% on QT2. I know I will feel like I failed the test, but I am just trying to build my confidence by doing the question trainers, which is working, because 2 days ago I was telling myself that I was going to fail.

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