KAPLAN works!!

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Took the NCLEX yesterday and the computer stopped at 78. Got my results today and it's official...I'm an RN. So far every classmate of mine who took KAPLAN reveiw has passed. So glad I did the review 😄.

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Congratulations on passing. :)

congrats! I have to 100% agree with u! I also used kaplan qtrainers/qbank (coupled with saunders and lippincott q&a) and found out that I passed today as well!

I'm glad you posted this! I'm retesting in a few days and I tried Kaplan. Are the questions similar to the nclex? Did you feel like you knew the answers?

I feel KAPLAN was much harder then NCLEX. My computer shut off at 78. Majority of my classmates stopped at 75 - 90 questions. I was also the last one in testing and first one who left. If you follow their method of the decision tree it really helps. It's important that you do questions and review the rationals. KAPLAN NCLEX book, Saunders and NCLEX 4000 were my other go to tools as a back up when I was burning out on KAPLAN qbank :).

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Congratulations!! I know you feel like a weight has been lifted í ½í¸†

I hope KAPLAN prepared me.

I take my test Monday and only a few days left - I am super stressed over it. I've done all the QTs, The RN Readiness, etc. I got a 56% on the RN readiness test and a 57% on the QT7.

Also been using the NCLEX RN mastery app as a supplement. I am just freaking out because I know there are a lot of drugs I still have to go over at the moment. I mostly have my cardio / renal / Emergency / viral drugs downpact (antibiotics, antivirals, etc). I only have Saturday to do a massive review since I work Thursday and Friday night.

Some classmates and friends of mine that went through Kaplan passed with 75. I am just really nervous over it.

Op would you mind sharing your readiness and qbank score? I'm nervous I'm not ready.

I hope you're right! I did Kaplan and abou a week before my NCLEX I discovered Uworld. I did the demo and felt that it was way better than Kaplan but I didn't want to invest the money since I would only have a week to use it and was already so deep into the Kaplan test prep plan. I did all qbank questions and averaged about 65%, got a 74% on the readiness and 64% on question trainer 7. My NCLEX shut off at 75. I initially thought this was a great sign. I got a lot of SATA. But I still haven't gotten results and I'm reading posts about people who failed with 75 questions so now I'm freaking out.

Did you find Kaplan questions similar to NCLEX in terms of how to think? The rep came in and showed us some example questions and it seemed to clash with our thinking during nursing school. Also did you use any other question sources? I'm starting the Kaplan online course on the 22nd. I'm a little nervous because of the rave reviews for uworld (and I'm taking the test in October so I don't know if there's enough time for both) but I figure I could pick up the slack with the poor rationales by looking up the content on my own and taking notes.

Like everyone else with the NCLEX coming up, I'm very nervous.

Hello dear,

i have only 2 months in the test and wanted to take kaplan plan. What do you think, will i be able to complete within that time frame or not?? And what about SATA they are like nightmare to me.

Please advice me