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  1. I mean, yeah, definitely prepare for the worst and be on guard. We've been yelled at by management, I got yelled at by my preceptor only once for making the same mistake over and over. Then 5 minutes later we were chatting like usual. And let me tell...
  2. Did I fail NCLEX????!!!

    If you want to be wrong, that's fine. But at least don't insist on spreading myths. See, it actually was confirmed by the BON that SATA is only a format and means nothing regarding the level of difficulty. This information, which again, IS confirmed ...
  3. Failed nclex 11 times.

    I don't get the mentality of never give up. It's actually pretty thoughtless to the candidate. The candidate tried ten times, what in god's name makes you think the 11th time would work?? Suggesting uworld is honestly ridiculous at this point. Oh wel...
  4. Failed nclex 11 times.

    It shouldn't take people 10+ times to pass the NCLEX! It shouldn't even take people 3 times! But 3 times I understand at least. Threads like this one terrified me for the NCLEX. I spent so much time worrying about it because I thought that it was thi...
  5. most common topics on NCLEX 2017

    Definitely brush up on your ethical/legal!
  6. I passed with 75 questions using only Kaplan prep

    I ended up passing in 75 back in October. I 100% agree about the SATA, either you know it or you don't. However, in my experience NCLEX was easier than kaplan. It didn't try to trick me. I knever stared blankly and thought "what the heck is it asking...
  7. Just took the NCLEX. Terrified I failed.

    I did get a duh question, yes. But when I asked my friend (the topic, NOT the question) she gave a completely different answer. So duh for one may not be obvious to others. There's no possible way to know the difficulty level. Some of my questions we...
  8. Hardest class in nursing school

    Med surg II. We lost 3 people and they're smart people. I feel part of it was due to the professors's ambiguity on some topics, but the rest of us made it so it was possible.
  9. (NCLEX) SATA are killing me please help, need advice

    I don't mean to scare you, about half my test was SATA. I used kaplan so nclex SATA was much more fair. They weren't tricky, but still a lot of pressure obviously. If you could answer the question in the multiple choice form, you probably also could ...
  10. Kaplan 2016-2017 Courses

    You're ready when you no longer get anything out of it and it feels like a chore. I would at least take all the trainers and sample tests though. I did about 80% of kaplan QB and then I had to stop since I wasn't retaining any new information.
  11. The jitters have already started...

    Go in for the long haul. Expect it to go past 75. Bring food and drinks (for locker). If you panic, you panic. But take a break when you panic. Just remember 76 is the most missed question, according to kaplan. Honestly, nclex is a rite of passage. ...
  12. I feel horrible!!!

    Ah the 48 hour wait. People will tell you to take your mind off it but I say cope with it your own way, whatever passes the time. I compulsively googled my irrational concerns about the test. I found that each experience is so unique it's difficult t...
  13. NCLEX Select all that Apply

    I had SATA in just about every category on my test. If there's a multiple choice, there's a SATA. They ranged from ethical/legal to even having an EKG. I used kaplan to prep and found the nclex SATA much fairer. If you knew what you were looking for,...
  14. Thank you card to clinical instructor

    They love thank you cards! One of my instructors was actually showing off our card to staff.
  15. Feeling a little overwhelmed and discouraged...

    So they'd prefer students who do bad in school?