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so i took a free kaplan practice test that was offered in my area and scored 76% on it, is this a good indicator for boards, ive been using different sources to study and i cant say that its been mostly kaplan, just wondering

In my experience, Kaplan is worth every penny. 76% on Kaplan is good believe it or not. I took NCLEX the first time without doing all of Kaplan & failed in 75 questions. Everyone that had passed had completed the Kaplan course & recommended # of tests & passed. So, I spent the next 45 days completing all of Kaplan & passed in 75.

The key is becoming familiar with the questions. There is know way you can know everything. Hope this helps...Good Luck!

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Hi bornleader,

I just took my boards & passed a month ago with 75 questions on my first try. I used the Kaplan review course and could not be happier. Believe it or not, Kaplan stresses you to aim for a 65% or above on their exams, as a 65% correlates to a 97% chance of passing NLCEX on the first attempt.... sooo, that being said CONGRATS! A 76% is incredible! Goodluck on the real boards!!

Ashley_RN :nurse:

thanks a lot for the encouraging words

Kaplan is rated as a good course by many. You might want to consider it although you seem to be doing well enough without it.

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