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Kaplan RN Diagnostic Test


I just did the Diagnostic Test for Kaplan RN! My total scores is 57%! Its my first time taking it since I took it back in May my score was 43% so I improved! I am schedule to take my board in two weeks! My Qbanks total is 63% I have done 75% of Qbanks! my Qtrainers scores are between high 50% and 60%! I feel I am doing better but I will go over all my rationals! Please any advise? I used Hurst Review Contents! I am using PDA book too and Joan Workshop!

Health Promotion and Maintenance 39%

Pyshiological Integrity 60%

Psychosocial Integrity 67%

Safe and Effective Care is 55%

Pharmacology 75%

Reduction of Risk Potential 64%

Safety and Infection Control 61%

Management Care 50%

Just relax your scores are where they need to be so good job. Don't let your nerves get the better of you that's the best advice I can give.

do review management of care delegation is always a big one.

Thanks for the advise! I am doing PDA I am on chapter 9 I will be finishing the chapters and do couple case studies! I will focus more on Management of care & delegation and Infection control!

The first time I got 45% on my diagnostics and failed at my first attempt. Second attempt I used Hurst and got a 60% on my diagnostics! Hurst really helped me improve my scores the second time around with Kaplan questions :) It looks like you're doing great! Good luck!

I have done Diagnostic test yesterday and my average was 64.44٪ my board exam in 10 days!!! I got Qtrainer 7 left to do! Thanks for the motivation

I meant my Radiness Test was 64.44%!!