Kaplan Qbank scores 4 days before...

Nursing Students NCLEX


I am freaking out! I take my nclex-rn in 4 days and my Qbank scores are not good! I average between the mid-50s-mid-60s. My cumulative Qbank score is a 56% with 79% of the questions completed. I used the Qbank without the course, but ordered and read nearly the entire review course book. I also got the kaplan 2010 stategy book. I'm scared! VERY SCARED :crying2:!!! Does this mean I'm going to fail? What should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I PASSED!!!! The trick works!!!! Yayayayay!!!!!

just an update. i took my test 4 days ago and i got the pop-up which said, "our records indicate..."

i hope this trick really works. and thanks everyone, who responded on this thread :) CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! =)

congrats :clphnds::hpygrp:

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