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I am freaking out! I take my nclex-rn in 4 days and my Qbank scores are not good! I average between the mid-50s-mid-60s. My cumulative Qbank score is a 56% with 79% of the questions completed. I used the Qbank without the course, but ordered and read nearly the entire review course book. I also got the kaplan 2010 stategy book. I'm scared! VERY SCARED :crying2:!!! Does this mean I'm going to fail? What should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I dont think you are doing that bad. I am in terms of the qbank on the same level. I think here is why you cant really compare the scores, because some people will just do all their tests in the mode of testing all subjects. I do my weak areas. I have noticed that when i do my weak areas I score around 55% with 50 questions, however when I do all the areas I score consistently above 68%. So if you hear some people say that they have on the qbank 78% or so, it might be that they choose all areas instead of weak areas. Not sure if that makes sense. I pay more attention to the test trainers, because when I compare my scores with others on those I am above or in a similiar range and I make above what kaplan asks me to make. So, if you score decent on those tests and within the range allowed I think you should be just fine.

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Have you done the QTrainers? If I were you, I'll focus on doing QTrainer 6 & 7, and aim to score a 60% or above. According to Kaplan, if you get over 60% on either QTrainer 6 or 7, you are ok for the NCLEX. These last 2 tests are most likely like NCLEX. QTrainer 6 has 200 questions and QTrainer 7 has 265 questions.

Good luck!

I did on trainer four 64% on trainer five 62% and on six 69%. I am not ready for seven yet.

Are you somewhere in that range?

I only had enough to purchase the qbank by itself. I ordered the course book off amazon. I don't have access to the Q trainers unfortunately.

Hmm I think also if you do saunders and you get above the 65% range on the indivdual tests it should be a good indicator. I got 69% on one of those as well. I use mainly kaplan, but maybe this is another way to gauge how you are doing.


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You must find it within yourself to calm down. If you begin to freak out now, you'll have an anxiety attack on the day of your test. When I first began taking Kaplan my q bank score was about the same as yours just remember to review all of the rationales. If you have to review it several times then do so.

Secondly, don't use the Kaplan scores as a means to predict whether you'll pass on the test. There are plenty of people on this forum who have had above 67% on Kaplan and still failed. There are also people who scored in the 55% range who passed. It's certainly gives you a sense of confidence to walk in knowing you're within the passing range according to Kaplan standards but it is not a guarantee. So take a deep breath. Even if your cumulative Kaplan score is 57% you could very well still pass!

I understand that she is trying to gauge her progress and compare such, but I also agree with the above post. I really learned to calm down and I just try to improve as I go, sometimes my score is up and othertimes its low. I do gauge my progress as well and feel more confident as my tests began to score a little higher then my first one, because it gave me a visual confirment that I am improving. I think that is what you want to see in the end, not truly a score, but some progress.

Thanks for the comments guys. Well, wish me luck next week!


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all i can say is keep trying and dont feel disappointed with low scores..rather, get challenged by it and believe you can..theres no point for losing hope.

since your exam is just due next week, try to relax and leave the worries behind.. you will make it..GOODluck!

LUCK It IS !!! Wishing luck to you!!! :yelclap::nmbrn::rckn:

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