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  1. Kaplan nclex preparation

    • Completed all QT's 1-7 and 90% of Qbank and passed nclex
    • Completed all QT's 1-7 and 90% of Qbank and failed nclex
    • Completed some QT's and less than 90% of Qbank and passed nclex
    • 0
      Completed some QT's and less than 90% of Qbank and failed nclex
    • 0
      Completed only Qbank OR QT's and passed nclex
    • 0
      Completed only Qbank OR QT's and failed nclex
    • Found Kaplan Helpful for nclex!!!
    • Did NOT find Kaplan Helpful for nclex !!!

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hi all! i will be taking the nclex on july 10th. i have been preparing with kaplan - course and online, as well as lacharity, and the hurst review book. i was just curious about some statistics regarding kaplan because some people find it to be very beneficial and others not so much. so for my own piece of mind - i am asking for a little feedback!

btw, my kaplan stats thus far:

diagnostic: 58

readiness: 62

qt1: 61


qt3: 59 (qt1-3 were completed prior to the kaplan course and before any studying)

qt4: 62

qt5: 62

qt6: 68

qt7: 68

qbank: cumulative average: 62% - and a little over 60% completed - will finish by nclex

please choose your method of preparation with kaplan for nclex... and whether you found it to be helpful or not. please feel free to comment below!!! thanks!

You are more than ready. Just take it sooner! I did mid-50's and I passed. I only did 3 QT and a couple hundred questions. You are good to go!

Thanks! I hope so! I just want to be done and not have to stress about it anymore! And I scheduled it for the 10th because I have thyroid cancer and I am having surgery on the 11th and I didn't want to have to worry about it during recovery or anything. But I wanted to give myself enough time to fully study and finish the Kaplan. I never studied much in nursing school... crammed a lot :uhoh21:... but I knew I needed to do some content review and practice questions.

Thanks for the encouragement! I'll let you know how it goes in 8 days!!!

I only used saunders and the kaplan book and cd and i think those were vert helpful.

Sounds like you'll be fine! I just passed, my stats were:

Diagnostic: 62

Readiness: 71

QT 1: 55

QT 2: 49

QT 3: 58

QT 4: 58

QT 5: 60

QT 6: 73

QT 7: 67

I did like 60% of Qbank and my average was 72%

Thank you! It is encouraging to see others who passed that have similar scores!!! The next 8 days are going to be hell.... just want to see the good pop-up!

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